Newspaper Map

Saturday, June 18, 2011
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The website Newspaper Map is a wonderful resource. As shown in the screen shot above, it is a world map of newspapers, color coded by language. Clicking on the paper's icon will open the paper in a new browser tab. If needed, when you bring a newspaper up you can access Google's translate tool.  

Along with the latest, breaking news, it also has a switch you can select which brings up historical newspaper archives.

Between reading obscure newspapers (by the way, the Seychelles Nation reports that China has just given the Seychelles 2 Y12 aircraft worth 12 million US dollars) or digging through their archives (did you know that surviving smallpox "without your eyesight or bearing being seriously effected" can add years to your life?) you can spend a huge amount of time on this site. 

Two thumbs up for this online resource.