Oh no! The alien invasion has already began

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For some reason, when following links at YouTube, I eventually land in the Big Foot area with embarrassing regularity. I must be biased towards the paranormal or something. Whatever the reason, I've ended up watching a lot of shaky videos of guys in monkey suits running around the north woods.

That made the above video stick out when I stumbled across it. It's a pretty good alien hoax compared the ludicrous quality of most I've seen. Their movements are spooky and other-worldly.

Of course, when watching a magician you pay no attention to what they say or do. This was supposedly CCTV surveillance video filmed by somebody in Fresno California who discovered it when they later watched it. That's as far as their source is for the video is ever identified, so we have the word of an anonymous, urban folktale-like, "brother of a friend of a cousin" to rely on.

I then wondered if CCTV home surveillance video worked that way? Is it normally that high resolution, and why point it aimlessly at a sidewalk? Further, why ever watch the damn thing? Granted a lot of TV shows suck, but they still have to be better than hours and hours of your sidewalk at midnight.

A cynic might suspect it is two guys with baggy pants wearing black tops and hoods who were just walking backwards, and the fact that the grain of the film jumps to being more indistinct whenever the taller one is about to walk in front of something lighted in the background doesn't allay that cynicism. 

Still -- two thumbs up to the hoaxers.  They did a much better job than the monkey suit guys who try to simulate Big Feet. Hmmm... where's my pie pan? I got a sudden hankering to film a UFO.


zip codes by city said...

I dont believe its true. I have seen many videos and movies based on aliens and UFO's but I dont think any of it is true.

ambisinistral said...

Crossing the Universe to hang around rural roads so you can anal probe random travelers seems like a mighty odd thing for an advanced civilization to do.

Then again, maybe it's like Thai sex tourism.