Zombies protest the Special Olympics

Wednesday, June 08, 2011
An enthusiastic looking group of zombies protest Special Olympians
Today a group of Special Olympians traveled to Madison Wisconsin for a visit to the Capitol. While there, they got to meet Bucky Badger, the University of Wisconsin mascot and the Governor was slated to give a few brief remarks complimenting them on their hard work, dedication and athletic achievements.

As Governor Walker stepped to the podium amidst a scattering of boos, a group of students, poorly costumed as zombies, filed in and stood between the Governor and the Special Olympians he was recognizing. Blocking the view of the Special Olympians, they waved their fists around in solidarity with something or another during the Governor's speech. There was a scattering of catcalls from other protestors.

Video of the sad spectacle is at Anne Althouse's blog. It is a pretty stunning demonstration of a complete lack of decorum and sense of propriety.

I've mentioned once or twice before that, because the unionistas couldn't get the numbers of protestors they needed in Madison using union people alone, Trumka invited any Progressive group to join them as a show of support. I argued that the danger of this to the union cause was that the union message would end up getting drowned out by the cacophony of all these other groups.

This is a clear example of that problem. The concept of  a time and a place for everything was obviously absent in their planning; as was the notion of when respect for another person's ceremony is expected. Their callous disregard for the Special Olympians is a sorry sight to behold. 

Hopefully it gets a lot of air time on Wisconsin TV.