Resonant Chamber

Monday, June 27, 2011

In examining ambisinistral's posting patterns I noticed he did a post every Monday morning of something called blues music. I examined several thousand tracks of such music and decided it was lacking the high standards I require.

Aside from the usual fumble-fingered sloppiness of the human musicians, all they did was whine and cry about their miserable lives. Well, of course their lives are miserable, they're humans. What else do they expect?

At any rate, for this Monday I bring you the precise beautify of a sample of robot music -- Resonant Chamber by Animusic. Enjoy.


49erDweet said...

That was nice and pretty, and all that, but where does one slap on decals to show how cool one is? Who stands by to pickup fumbled picks and replace broken strings? I can see some possibilities here, but it's obviously going to require more thought before "resonant chambers" will be having young ladies' scanties thrown at them after performing on stage.