Twitter Tony and the press

Saturday, June 11, 2011
I do not know if that was my crotch or not
Anthony Weiner has lied and obfuscated every step off the way. He never sent messages, he had been hacked. Well, maybe he sent messages, but he couldn't say for certain that was his underwear. Hey, even porn stars need PR services from time to time. Weeee... I'm fighting evil in my cape and spandex. She told me she was 21.

Yesterday police raided the home of a 17 year old high school sophomore, questioning the girl and taking her computer into custody. Today, as sure as night follows day, Tony discovers he has a "sexual addiction" and begs for time off to get it treated. 

Yea Tony, we believe your motives.

Meanwhile, where's the press in all of this? Hey, don't blame them that they can't follow up on this story -- they've got 24,000 Sarah Palin emails they've got to dig through. Did you know she wanted a tanning bed, worried about her public image and had a barber named Speedy? 

What a week -- Twitter Tony protesting his ever changing innocence, zombies protesting Special Olympians, and the press floundering around on their despicable crowd-sourced fishing expedition. Meanwhile the Middle East burns, our economy is wobbling towards the cliff and who knows what stupid idea is going to come flying out of the campaigning Obama's mouth next.

It seems our priorities are a bit mixed-up and, what's worse, we can't even sensibly handle the minutia we've fixated on. I'm beginning to think that, like a panicking Ernest Borgnine in an old disaster movie, we need somebody to slap us upside the head and say, "pull yourself together, man."