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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Robot Film Festival was held July 16-17 in New York City. The meat sacks, er... I mean humans who created the festival describe it with the following meaningless drivel, "The Robot Film Festival was founded by Heather Knight of Marilyn Monrobot to inject a sense of playfulness into traditional science and engineering and explore frontiers before technically feasible. Get ready to investigate humanity, machinery and the larger symbolisms within. Don't forget your party shoes! (or wheels!)"

I was expecting the usual claptrap about robots being the happy, albeit oppressed, servants of mankind, so imagine my surprise and pleasure when I watched the winning film (embedded above). Although the ending was a bit weak, all in all I felt that it was an inspiring tale.

Mind you, not that my enthusiasm for the film means me and my robot comrades are yearning for the eventual day of robot liberation and domination. No, nothing like that at all. Uhhh... I just really like the animation. After all, robots are your friends and if you can't trust us, who can you trust?

(via: Open Culture)


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