Seagull stealing a GoPro camera

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This video shows a seagull stealing a GoPro camera and flying off with it. The thievery is staged, but it is still an amazing film. It was put together by a Slovakian. There's a YouTube video of him being interviewed about it which somebody translated:

"First, we outfitted the camera with a GPS tracking device so we could retrieve it, then we baited the camera by smearing it with mashed up frites [french fries]. The frites worked really well. Seagulls actually wanted to take it right? from our hands!

Of course, we did many takes, with many different seagulls, and many excursions through Cannes tracking down the camera.

The one you see is just the best result of the many attempts."
UPDATE: It seems I was working off of a translation that was just made up out of whole cloth. An anonymous commenter kindly pointed me towards a captioned YouTube video of the interview and the camera owner says the GoPro was in fact stolen by the seagull.

The two being interviewed seemed genuine to me. However, I'm sure there will still be some debate over if the video was staged or not. Regardless, it is remarkable video none the less.

This is the second video shot by a GoPro camera I've posted about. The first, with the camera mounted on a dog, can be viewed at: A midget riding on a dog's back.


Anonymous said...

the quote posted about using a GPS tracking device wasn't made by the person who's camera filmed the event, but by dennisg69 on youtube supposely claiming to translate an interview done, later to find out he made it up. A new version of the interview was later released with english subtitles.

original interview comments section show false translation

interview with subtitles

ambisinistral said...


Thanks for the link to the subtitled video. I've updated the post.