Light field photography

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Two focal points from the same photograph - click to enlarge
The above two photos are actually only one photo. It was taken by a Lytro light field camera. The focus changed after the picture was taken. It can do this because the camera stores more information about the light in each picture which allows the viewer to change the focal point after the picture has been taken. They even claim you can make 3D pictures from the camera.

They have a gallery where you can play with some sample photos -- click around to pick the point to focus on, or to zoom in and out. If you go there, be sure to enlarge the images to full screen, the focusing ability is pretty amazing.

There is also a blog there, where they have a lot more information and examples. The one thing I couldn't find is a price for the camera.-- I'm guessing an arm and a leg.