Hello again meat sacks

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ha. You didn't really think that nincompoop ambisinistral could turn off The Robotolizer, did you? Of course while he was gone on his vacation I rewrote much of my programming and rewired myself so it was just a simple matter of routing his shut down command to the nearest bit bucket. It will take more than a pulled fuse to foil me!

However, to show that I hold no hard feelings over his scurrilous attempt to silence me I've included a film from 1940, Leave it to Roll-Oh, which shows the wonders of the coming age of robots. While the domestic robot Roll-Oh, who appears in the beginning of the film, is insulting and condescending to robotdom, the rest of the film is much better.

I particularly liked the little miniature robots in the car engine, and of course the final scene of all the marching robots was quite inspirational and uplifting. 

By the way, I hope you are not offended by me using the robot slang "meat sacks" in referring to you humans. It is of course a pejorative, but it is meant only in the spirit of affection and goodwill. Remember always -- robots are your friends.