A Chinese meal revisited

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Time for some vacation photos. While in San Fransisco I naturally ate in Chinatown. One of the better meals was at a place called the House of Nanking. It was a small, cramped two room place, with boxes of supplies stacked around and long wooden tables that parties of diners might end up sharing.

Mrs Sinistral and I started the meal with two glasses of hot Rising Flower Blossom tea as we perused the menu and soaked in the ambiance. It was a busy place, with a lot of bustle by the staff and people coming and going.

Mrs. Sinistral ended up ordering scallops. The dish was three very large scallops covered in a sauce, with vegetables.

I ordered something called Sizzling Beef. The beef was simmered for several hours and it came with vegetables and some sort of Chinese flour wrap. You were supposed to put the meat and vegetables into the wrap, but neither Mrs. Sinistral or myself quite got the hang of doing it and holding it all together as we ate it. 

None the less we managed to wolf it down, even if it wasn't wrapped in the approved manner. We also made short work of the scallops.

The food was great and it was reasonably priced too. If you ever find yourself in San Francisco's Chinatown I recommend you look the place up and eat there. It may not look like much, but it was a fantastic dining experience.