Mysterious Package progress report

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
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Regular readers may remember that I received a Mystery Package some time ago. Although I carefully opened it and showed a tiny bit of it as a teaser, my trip to San Francisco prevented me from revealing anything further about it. Until now that is!

My more perceptive readers correctly surmised it was a puzzle of some sort. I can now report that, upon returning from my vacation, I've spent several hours each night working on assembling the jigsaw puzzle. The above picture shows my progress to date.

I'll confess to being a little behind schedule on the project. I had hoped to have it done already, but it turns out that the picture being revealed is so profound, so uplifting, and so sublime, that I find myself leaning back and meditating on the wonder of it all as soon as I fit a new piece into the ever expanding puzzle.

At any rate, I'm making progress and soon it will all be revealed. 


49erDweet said...

Does Bill Gates know you are destroying a perfectly good blue screen?

ambisinistral said...

Bah... Bill Gates may be a bajillionare, but unless he owns one of these puzzles he's got nothing on me.