How to beat up a scab

Saturday, July 09, 2011

While looking through my Sitemeter stats I discovered the above search for "how to beat up a scab". Charming. I blurred the IP address just in case their search was actually more innocent than it looks, although I'm not sure how that could be.

However, in thinking about it -- the thought of a group of unionistas gathered around a computer Googling how to be a goon is a pretty silly image. I mean, shouldn't that whole 'beating up a scab' business be self-evident? They also zeroed in on this picture, perhaps searching for clues. 

Finally, after giggling about it for a while I started feeling sorry for them, and so I decided to offer the following advice to aid them:

  1. Find the largest most muscular scab you can, or even better -- find a group of large muscular scabs,
  2. Approach them and start poking them in the chest in an irritating manner with your boney finger,
  3. Determine their ethnicity and direct appropriate ethnic slurs at them,
  4. Make obscene comments about their girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers,
  5. Ooops, I probably should have mentioned this sooner -- make sure your dental insurance is up to date.