Exorcise the spooks

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
It seems the CIA is at again.

I am with John Hinderacker at Powerline. It is time to consider shutting down the CIA. Their latest leak to ABC news concerning the detention of 11 Al Qaida terrorists in Eastern Europe is a breach of national security and in light of the entire Plame fiasco, it would seem to be a crime.

So when can we expect subpoenas? It seems there are elements within the CIA who are determined to undermine an elected government. Rendition is not a new policy, nor is interrogation of terrorist suspects something that began when George Bush took office. And yet it seems it is left to Condi Rice to defend the CIA. Why?

Shut it down. It is corrupt, self destructive, political, incompetent and is becoming a foreign policy impediment. I say we tell those spooks to go toward the light and shut down this freak show.


Knucklehead said...

I agree, at least, that it is high time to prosecute some people for leaking. It is time for some serious house-cleaning at the CIA. Notice that the leakers, in the ABC

Reading the Powerline piece led me to wonder what "water boarding" is. Since Wikipedia has been discussed lately I'll use their description:

"The current practice of waterboarding was known previously as "the water cure." It involves tying the victim to a board with the head lower than the feet so that he or she is unable to move. A piece of cloth is held tightly over the face, and water is poured onto the cloth. Breathing is extremely difficult and the victim will be in fear of imminent death by asphyxiation. However, it is relatively difficult to aspirate a large amount of water since the lungs are higher than the mouth, and the victim is unlikely actually to die if this is done by skilled torturers. Waterboarding is often used by torturers who wish to impose severe suffering without leaving marks on their victims as evidence.

This is a technique demonstrated on U.S. military personnel by other U.S. military personnel when they are being taught to resist enemy interrogations in the event of capture (see SERE).

In November 2005, ABC News reported that former U.S. CIA agents claimed the CIA had engaged in a modern form of waterboarding, along with five other "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques," against suspected members of al Qaeda.

Hmmm... call me insensitive or a monster, but somehow it just doesn't bother me in the least that CIA agents, or those to whom we outsource such work, pour water into the noses of terrorists we've captured (that's apparently the form of "water boarding" used in the SERE training of US pilots - or was once upon a time). If it is not too dangerous or painful to use in training then it hardly qualifies as torture in my book. I fully admit that I would not want to experience it and would likely sing like a canary if exposed to it, but as "torture" it sounds pretty mild.

From the ABC News Exclusive:

All but one of these 11 high-value al Qaeda prisoners were subjected to the harshest interrogation techniques in the CIA's secret arsenal, the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" authorized for use by about 14 CIA officers and first reported by ABC News on Nov. 18.


Of the 12 high-value targets housed by the CIA, only one did not require water boarding before he talked. Ramzi bin al-Shibh broke down in tears after he was walked past the cell of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the operational planner for Sept. 11. Visibly shaken, he started to cry and became as cooperative as if he had been tied down to a water board, sources said.

How long before we learn what the other "enhanced interrogation techniques" that are "the harshest in the CIA's arsenal" are?

terrye said...


Condi Rice is in Europe right now telling our socalled allies in the EU that the US does not condone or practice torture.period.

And since most of this information is from confidential and unnamed unsources I really do not know what to believe.

One reason I don't like McCain's bill on torture is that I am afraid it will turn out like his bill on campaign finance reform. That is creating a far worse problem than it deals with. In truth the US could just kill these guys when we find them and the problem of what to do with them and how to treat them is solved.

For instance what do we call torture? What do we call degrading treatment? Having your fingernails pulled out or being wrapped in an Israeli flag?

It seems to me that Abu Ghraib created a narrative that the media and human rights activists are not about to leave alone. So much so that there are times when I wonder if that was the purpose in making an issue of AbuGhraib all along.

It is very much like asking someone when they stopped beating the little woman.

clarice said...

Another vote for shutting it down..they'll all go to work for the Saudis a little earlier than they normally do, but they deserve these idiots.

chuck said...


shut it down after cherry picking the competent workers and moving them elsewhere. I think the CIA has far to many hires that came out of the Ivies and other seditious dumps.

I would also like to see some folks cooling their heels in jail.

Skookumchuk said...

I friend of mine who worked there said the civil service shiftlessness made it seem like a career at the Post Office.

With my apologies to postal workers everywhere.

RogerA said...

Terrye--yes, again you nail it: the CIA is an agency that should be brought to heel and their leaders crucified--if not in the traditional version of that punishment, the literal version.
Regrettably that isnt going to happen--why? because the CIA has the good on all the pontificating members of the US congress.

It DOES sound like a B movie--but it is, regrettably, true.

I do love this country enough to believe it will survive the depredations of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the State Department Directorate of Intelligence and Research, and assorted scum bags that make up a sad part of our national security apparatus.--they are pathetic, lying pukes and deserve to have their throats cut in the manner of our enemies. Ohhhhhh--not politically correct? geez,--who knew.

terrye said...

Well you know they can not live forever. But as long as they are kicking they do know where the bodies are buried.

But this kind of thing can back fire. They have a kind of symbiotic relationship with the Executive branch and right now they are turning on the host.

I think it is time to let attrition do its job. Just kind of let it fade away.

Luther McLeod said...

rogera, don't hold back now.


"CIA has far to many hires that came out of the Ivies and other seditious dumps."

Been that way since the OSS days, has it not?

Syl said...

It's the Democrats' fault. They cut the CIA budget drastically after the Cold War ended. According to Dana Priest's piece in the WaPo, the CIA used to maintain the cover of agents even after they retired.

Now it's too expensive to do so. So the CIA unravels their cover and sets them free....to leak.

I'm not so sure this was an unintended consequence.

terrye said...


Yes, you may be right.

Once upon a time the agency was a socialist state in itself. cradle to grave.

Now it is cradle to the front page.

In fact a few years ago the Democrats were saying the CIA should be shut down.

Well this is one way to make it happen.

Marty said...

By all means shut it down. FBI shows up at 5pm and gives people 5 minutes to clean out their desks, no official business leaves the building, anything too big to carry will be shipped.

Just like any other failed organization.