Greetings from George W. Bush

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Those were the words spoken to Saddam Hussein when he was discovered in his spider hole.

Considering the circus his trial is becoming..would it have been better if a grenade had followed that greeting?

So far we have had to watch the treasonous and insane Ramsey Clark prance and pontificate and rave for the cameras. Saddam is acting like a homicidal child. Kind of reminds me of that kid in The Bad Seed. {Give me those shoes, give me those shoes right now!} shiver.

And of course the witnesses are every bit as afraid as any witness testifying against a drug dealer or a Mafia Don could ever be. Maybe the Iraqis need their own version of the Witness Protection Plan.

So would it have been better if Saddam had met the same fate as his sons?

Does the inability to control Saddam and the proceedings make the Court and the new Iraqi government appear weak in the eyes of the Iraqi people?

Or is this chaos cathartic for the Iraqi people?

I am not sure, but I worry that his could turn into the Iraqi version of the Milosovic trial at the Hague. Maybe they should turn him over to the Kurds. That would be justice.


Doug said...

Where is Judge Ito when we need him?

David Thomson said...

I believe that this trial will do a lot of good for the Iraqi people. Saddam Hussein is receiving a fair trial. Ultimately, he will be executed and justice will prevail. This is both a cathartic experience for his victims and an opportunity to build a long lasting democratic institution. Is it messy? Yes, but isn’t it usually?

ex-democrat said...

The trial does afford an opportunity for the Iraqi people to get to know the oleagenous "Ramzi" Clark better. Perhaps that will enlighten them as to the true nature of the western left/anti-war brigade.

Eric Blair said...

D. Thomson is correct; its not like Hussein is going to walk out of there a free man. They're going to execute him, Ramsey Clark not withstanding.

Would it be too churlish to not care if Clark gets whacked like some of those other defense lawyers?

Its not like anybody quotes William Kunstler these days, do they?

Syl said...

Yes, David is absolutely right. This is very significant for the Iraqi people themselves.

What people forget is that this is the first time in history that an Arab nation's people have tried their former leader.


And all the Dems can talk about is Bush's 'failed policies'.

terrye said...

I see they have adjourned for another two weeks. Yes, this may take awhile.

markg8 said...

If they try Saddam for all the murders he committed he'll die of old age. *Sigh*, now if only we could try Bush.
Maybe next year.

Peter UK said...

Mooky. Take your medication,all this death lust is unhealthy.

Rick Ballard said...


You're comments are about to start disappearing.