Jeff Goldstein on the US placing pro-US stories in Iraq

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Because there is nothing ethically problematic or even remarkable about the use of [pro-US stories] ... the only ostensible value the story has is twofold: to render the program useless; and to embarrass the administration and the military. Which means either the MSM didn’t do its homework, or else editorial decisions to run with this story were grounded in something quite other than “objectivity.”

Me, I’m for whatever works to save soldiers’ lives and make the war less bloody. Which is why it is ironic that a dissenting voice in the Pentagon and our own press—among with the flood of sanctimonious second guessers claiming to be OUTRAGED over an oft-used tool of warfare—will be the ones who can lay claim to making it more difficult to end the fighting.

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Peter UK said...

Personally I would be for firing somebody if they HADN'T been planting propaganda.

Seneca the Younger said...

Yeah ... my reaction was "well, DUH."