Lieberman to the Rescue

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Sincerity is one of the more important attributes that a politician must learn to display. Once a pol has learned to fake sincerity convincingly, his career is made. Joe Lieberman fakes it as well as anyone in Congress. His words as opposed to action in the Clinton impeachment are one piece of evidence of that fact and his groveling performance as a Vice-Presidential candidate in the 2000 election was further confirmation.

He has an editorial in the New York Post today that is a real corker. It has to be read very carefully in order to comprehend in full what a masterful exercise in sophistry has been created. Note in particular:

"The plan, developed over the 21/2 years since Saddam Hussein's overthrow, has resulted from trial and yes, many errors."

followed by:

"The response to the president's proposal by leading Democrats — including my colleagues Sens. John Kerry and Jack Reed — was important and instructive: Most did not call for an arbitrary withdrawal, but instead questioned some tactics and asked the administration to go to the next level of detail on its plans."

So, many errors were committed and the Dems only want to interject their views on tactics - at three years in, with victory in sight and having behaved in the most craven manner imaginable.

Then Joe goes into a "politics must stop at the water's edge" riff which might have had some value - three years ago. Today it is as irrelevant as the Democratic Party.

He closes with a modest proposal:

"To encourage that new partnership, I propose that the president and the leadership of Congress establish a bipartisan Victory in Iraq Working Group, composed of members of both parties in Congress and high-ranking administration national-security officials. This group would meet regularly, I would hope at least weekly, to discuss conditions and progress on the ground in Iraq and ways to alter or improve our strategy for victory."

He wants to plan the victory parades and make sure that he has a place in the front car.

I don't know how the President will respond to faux Joe, my response would conclude with "strong letter follows" but the President generally reserves that response for the press.

Joe Lieberman has been consistent in his personal support of the war but his party has owned the "Not in Our Name" franchise for the past three years.

Victory and success in Iraq were achieved in spite of the Democrats - politically they had nothing to do with it. Sorry Joe, you're a thousand days late and as many dollars short. If you want to ride on the victor's float in the big parade, you're going to have to switch parties.


exguru said...

Joe might be interested in a GOP seat that is open next year in Rhode Island...

ex-democrat said...
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ex-democrat said...

Predictably, the Senator's prescription calls for Republicans to do the impossible: make Democrats support the war; while asking Democrats simply to NOT do what they should NOT be doing to begin with: ankle-biting the CinC at time of war.

It's nice to see that the Democrats have discovered the other Churchill, though (Winston, not Ward). They should keep reading.

Julian Biggs said...

rick - there's another lawyerly sleight of hand here: "Last Wednesday, the President laid out his strategy for victory in Iraq ..[and].. The response of leading Democrats to the president's proposal last week ..."


David Thomson said...

Joe Lieberman has ultimately done the right thing. He is supporting the war effort during a difficult time. I don’t mind if he takes a place of honor in the victory parade---but he’s about the only Democrat deserving an invitation. The rest of the party has done enormous damage. Lieberman’s comrades in the US Senate, on a practical basis, have been on the side of the terrorists. These are truly disgusting folks.

It has been obvious for well over a year that the Iraq war is going very well. Anyone with even a minimal grasp of American history knows that much has been achieved at a relatively low cost. The terrorists are completely unable to carry out a major campaign against the Iraqi and the coalition forces. Do the second grade math. Iraq has around a twenty-seven million population and far less than one percent of its citizens are falling victim to the terrorists. The latter are admittedly slowing down the development of the country, but their defeat is near certain. At most, the terrorists are a major stumbling block. The odds are overwhelming that eventually (perhaps in less than three months)the American people will begin to thank President Bush for our successful venture into Iraq. Democrats are rightfully fearfull that they will be perceived as being on the wrong side of history.

clarice said...

I'm with David on this one. There's a reason the President hugs Joe whenever he sees them.

When he went campaigning for Kedwards in Fla he always made the point that he was fully supportive of the President's actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he did so in the certain knowledge that that was not what Kedwards wanted him to say.

I regard this fancy parsing as a minimal sop to his ridiculous party.

Rick Ballard said...


Lieberman may be slightly better than McCain in that he recognizes that principles exist as he subsumes them to personal or party interest but that's as far as I would go. He wants it both ways as he remarkably illustrates by calling for politics to stop at the "water's edge" after having tossed in "many errors".

He's no Zell Miller and I have a tough time rating him any better than Hillary. "All things to all people" just doesn't inspire admiration.

Peter UK said...

"This group would meet regularly, I would hope at least weekly, to discuss conditions and progress on the ground in Iraq and ways to alter or improve our strategy for victory."

How soon would the deliberations get onto the front page of the NYT?

terrye said...


I respect Lieberman for doing the right thing. He didn't have to.

markg8 said...

Wait did I miss something? I know I've been out of town and all but victory went from "being in sight" to "achieved" in the time it took to write this post Rick?

And why pick on Lieberman? He's been Bush's pet Democrat for years. Besides Lowell Weicker is considering running as an antiwar candidate against him if nobody else steps up so you may get your wish. Go figure.

But keep up the meme, turning disaster into success, even if it's only words and Bush will be able to declare mission accomplished in the spring and start bringing the troops home. Sure the fundies will take over Iraq, women will have it particularly bad, but the violence shouldn't be any worse than when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Yeah they'll hate us more than ever (and Israel) but Rummy can pass that off as "stuff happening". Afterall a free people are allowed to express their views freely aren't they? Aren't they?

markg8 said...

Petey I saw no mention that this working group would meet in secret. Regardless I doubt Bush will take Joe up on this. Dems would be nuts to go along in any event. Bush has wrecked his own foreign policy so badly it'd be like asking Biden to sign on to Tom DeLay's defense team. Ain't gonna happen. Maybe this is Joe's way of signaling he's jumping ship. Now he can say he's had enough of the screw ups.

Peter UK said...

Hi Dipper,welcome back,somebody put up bail?

Peter UK said...

"Maybe this is Joe's way of signaling he's jumping ship. Now he can say he's had enough of the screw ups."

I agree Dipper, it must be downright embarrassing to be a Democrat right now.

markg8 said...

Nah Petey my mom survived her stay in an American hospital.

And I think you misunderstood. It may be the beginning of Lieberman's distancing himself from the adminstration. Nobody wants to hang onto a president's coattails when he continually soils himself.

Peter UK said...

It might have escaped your notice,but the Administration is Republican and Lieberman is a Democrat.quite a distance.
No I think it is your wing Lieberman is trying to escape,he is trying to repair the damage that Howlin'"Zarqawi came to Iraq after the invasion" Howerd Dean did with his recent babblings.

markg8 said...

Lieberman is reviled by most of the Democratic party these days Petey. Seeing as Bush's poll ratings are dismal and Cheney's are on par with Mussolini's just before the Italians
put him on a meathook and dragged him through the streets I doubt Joe is trying to kiss up to the dwindling number of voters who trust them these days. I think he's belatedly trying to get them to come out their bubble and get some help. To quote Barbara Billingsley "Chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help."

You should know by now that Zarqawi was in the no fly zone in the north near the Iranian border before the war with his little band of idiots trying to assassinate Kurdish leaders. Twice the Pentagon was ready take him out in 2002. Bush put the kabosh on that. Couldn't have the only Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq, even if they were out of Saddam's realm of control taken out as it would lesson the justification for the war. So much for that little flypaper gambit.

Peter UK said...

"Lieberman is reviled by most of the Democratic party these days "

Show just how far down the pan a decent party can go when the left wing extremists take over.
Still it looks like he has the sense to get out of the asylum.

Peter UK said...

Glad you admit Howie was wrong to say Zarqawi wasn't in Iraq before the invasion.
By the way Howard Dean got a deferment from service in Vietnam,which is why he knows so much about it,great for military know how...skiing in Aspen.
Ever been to Aspen Dipper? Mostly for the richer leftwingers.

terrye said...


The fact that a man like Lieberman is reviled by much of the Democrat party explains why you guys are in a minority.

Besides most of what Democrats say today bears no resemblance to what they were saying 6 years ago, so why should I think that what Dean or Pelosi or Murtha say today will have any lasting meaning?

They just go do a poll and dance to it anyway.

BTW, keep your posts short. You are very tedious and if they are more than 20 words I don't read them.

Peter UK said...

Is this legitimate political comment or the product of a diseased mind?

"Cheney's are on par with Mussolini's just before the Italians
put him on a meathook and dragged him through the streets".

Shouldn't Mark Garrity be on the FBI watch list?

markg8 said...

Lowell Weicker was the Republican Lieberman barely defeated for the Senate seat in 1988. He's so disgusted with his former party and Lieberman's fealty to Bush on Iraq he's considering running as an independent just as he did in 1990 when he won the governorship. He'd probably win if he did. Lieberman's standing among CT Dems has to be shaky. He won't be getting any money from the nat'l. party. With a credible antiwar challenger like Weicker where would he turn? The only way he could: away from Bush.

Peter UK said...

So either way it is a lose for the Democrats...what are you Mark...the Anti-Rove?

markg8 said...

Petey Cheney's favorability ratings are down to 20%. Facts are facts. The American people don't much like torture advocates or the guy whose chief of staff outed a CIA agent working on nuclear proliferation for political revenge.

And shouldn't you be wearing a brown shirt when you claim I should be on the FBI watchlist?

Peter UK said...

"Cheney's favorability ratings are down to 20%. Facts are facts"

Only a psychopath would talk about meat hooks and dragging bodies through the street,for a low favourability rating?
You should be on a watch list not for your demented politics but because you are a danger to the general public.

Mark you need to seek help for these delusions,talking like a whacked out teenager at forty nine is way beyond insane.

Peter UK said...

"outed a CIA agent working on nuclear proliferation"

A covert office worker? My God! how much secret nuclear proliferation is going on at Langley?

Don't answer that Mark you already know too much.

markg8 said...

Mussolini probably had about 20% support from your diehard fascist friends when Italians dragged his lifeless corpse thru the streets on a meathook Petey. Does that mean I advocate the same end for Cheney? Nah I want him to lead a long life so he can see what his life's work comes to. What will be his fate? Let's just say I don't think anyone will be building monuments to him or Bush in the years to come.

And Petey only an idiot would keep claiming Plame wasn't covert after the prosecutor said it himself.

Peter UK said...

Does that make you feel like a brave anti-fascist revolutionary Mark,regurgitating a conflict that you were never in,oh sorry you were never in any conflict,you were a runner.

Where abouts was Plame covert,did she hide under her desk..what on earth do you know about the subject would not exist without somebody elses talking points.

Have you not noticed that without the nonesense that the kopouts put in your mind you are a nonentity.

Nowhere on these pages have you put forward an original thought.I was hoping that they would have reprogrammed you during your break,but are a most uninteresting troll.

markg8 said...

Hmmm...just shriller and shriller.

Peter UK said...

Run out of lines Mark? Poor sad specimen of a troll.