Oprah as Queen of the Universe

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Some Oprah fans seem to have gone over the deep end. They've set up a website entitled Oprah for Nobel Peace Prize. They're attempting to get 100,000 signatures petitioning that she be nominated for the award.

The line that amused me was, "Her worldwide television show has raised the consciousness of the universe about the critical issues of homelessness, poverty, hunger, race, crime, AIDS, women's inequality and others."

Yowza! That's quite the claim. I dunno... looking at the Giant Martian Face I don't think it's her, but I suppose, in light of Oprah's galactic-wide reputation, it could be.


Morgan said...

I'm still convinced that's a face. The Martians just covered it up when they found out we were looking.

terrye said...


You mean Oprah covered it up.

Morgan said...

Undoubtedly. She's a sly one.