Purveyors of Pessimism

Friday, December 02, 2005
It seems a slow morning here at Flares. Well, whatever and anyway, let's go somewhere.

I was doing my normal checkin at Instapundit and my eye got caught on his 7:15AM post. In it he linked to Mickey Kaus and Ann Althouse. The entire linky-loop more or less revolves around the articles Upbeat Signs Hold Cautions for the Future in the NYT (you may need to register, Idunno) and the WSJ Pouting Pundits of Pessimism (see Idunno stuff above and, in case you couldn't guess, that's the one from which I purloined the title I used).

Due to some interruptions I've lost track of where I wanted to take this (if I ever knew). The Nabobs of Negativity, and they seem to be like hordes of Flying Monkeys these days, are really irking the heck outta me. What is wrong with these people? Yes, there's a war on but we're winning it. It couldn't have been won already and it can't be won tomorrow or next month. We're winning - that should be enough to be something other than relentlessly pessimistic. Yes, the economy is not perfect and there are some things to be concerned about. But overall the economy is doing remarkably well all things considered. Yes, there have been natural disasters - a tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes - but these things happen when one lives on a spinning, molten rock hurtling through space. They've happened before and life goes on and, oddly enough, generally improves despite the difficulties.

What the heck are so many people so freakin' all fired pessimistic about?


Peter UK said...

The defeatist propaganda,let us call it by its proper name,from the MSM and the Loyal Opposition is left hollow by the principle of the,"Dog that didn't bark in the night".

Defeat would be the major story on all the front pages,but there are none of the signs of this.

There are no pictures of transparts being loaded,body bags on an enless conveyer belt,no little Iraqi shepherd body guarding "broken" coalition soldiers in razor wire enclosures.
There is none of the frantic shuffling between the worlds capitals and the UN to broker a ceasefire.
Absent too are the interviews with triumphant "rebel" leaders,lastly there are no helicopters lifting of the embassy roof.

terrye said...


They are pessimistic because they are out of power and the only hope they have of getting back in power is to make everybody unhappy with the guys in charge.

I read somewhere that 43% of the American people think we are in a recession. I wonder what they will think if and when there really is one? Talk about a shock.

The truth is no matter how good the economy is not everybody everywhere is going to be making a lot of money...in fact even in the best of times there will be people hurting. I live in a rural area in Indiana and things are always slow out here. That is why so many people have moved to Indianapolis.

The media has created a scenario in which there is a place out there somewhere over the rainbow where troubles melt like lemon drops and a Democrat sits in the Oval Office in the Emerald City.

click your heels three times and say, there is no economy like a Democrat economy...there is no economy like a Democrat economy.....

MeaninglessHotAir said...


That's an excellent point. It should be on the front page.


There's always a disconnect between perception and reality. The human mind is not capable of dealing with reality, only a simulacrum. Dishonest and unscrupulous people are eager and willing and able to take advantage of this, and they do everyday.

Plus, whether "the economy"--whatever that means--is doing well or not doing well really matters very little to me. What I care about is whether I'm making money or not. If I'm out of work, by definition, my economy is doing poorly.

Buddy Larsen said...

(aside) I like that name "Flares". It, like everything else within the 15+ billyun light-years contained within the space-time continuum, is more mellifluous than "YARGB".

Peter UK said...

Right on cue another roadside bomb kills troops
The bombers listen to the news,they hear the Murthas and the Pelosis and they think,"One more push"