Should the Russians withdraw from Moscow?

Sunday, December 04, 2005
Given Rep. Murtha's call for the immediate surrender of the American forces in Iraq gateway makes an interesting comparison of American and Russian casualties.

I wonder if Murtha was ever really a Marine in the sense of say... Ollie North... or if like John Kerry he was a politician using the military as a stepping stone to political power?


Peter UK said...

It is amazing how little detail there is about John Murtha's service record,whatever his service was,he should be deeply ashamed to have traduced his former comrades,a "broken army" has always been a defeated army,the term has never been used in any other context.
I do hope Murtha got the standard fee,thirty pieces of silver.

Peter UK said...

Proof absolute of pres bias
Institutional bias is rampant throughout the media,the only question s are,is it political,is it ethical or are some on the take?

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