The Wall Street Journal Goofs Up---and Quickly Issues a Retraction

Sunday, December 04, 2005
The following assertion is patently false:

“This puts him ahead of a press corps that still focuses on past failures. In the latest issue of The Atlantic Monthly, for example, James Fallows purports to explain "Why Iraq Has No Army." But the public affairs office of the Multinational Security Transition Command in Iraq (or "Min-sticky") says Mr. Fallows not only didn't visit but didn't even contact them while reporting the article or at anytime during at least the past nine months.”

I am the one who alerted James Fallows to the error committed by the WSJ. He immediately made sure that the editors of this esteemed publication printed a retraction. They have done so:

“(Correction: Due to inaccurate information from a source, this editorial misstated information about James Fallows's reporting for his essay in the Atlantic Monthly, "Why Iraq Has No Army." While Mr. Fallows did not go to Iraq, as we reported correctly, he did interview U.S. military officers involved in training Iraqi forces by phone and email, including Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, then-head of the Multinational Security Transition Command in Iraq.)”

Thankfully, the WSJ has far more integrity than the New York Times. By the way, has the latter publication returned the Pulitzer Prize awarded to liar Walter Duranty?


Doug said...

Depends on the meanings of
Why was Jason Blair fired if, at the same time the Paper of Record did not relinquish their ill-gotten prize?

terrye said...


Good job.