Winter Soldier, Yet Again

Monday, December 05, 2005
James Taranto's Best of the Web Today brings us this little tidbit from John F. Kerry (from "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer)

And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs. Whether you like it or not--

Schieffer: Yeah.

Kerry: --Iraqis should be doing that.

Taranto, generally a funny guy, get's one of his classic snarks in:

Terrorizing kids and children and breaking sort of the customs! Didn't "Jenjis Khan" used to do stuff like that in Vietnam? Note, too, that Kerry isn't against this per se; he just thinks Iraqis should be doing it.
Does JFKerry ever miss an opportunity to be stupid?


Rick Ballard said...

"Does JFKerry ever miss an opportunity to be stupid?"

He almost did once but he changed his mind.

Doug said...

If he had just stuck with the thought, he could have passed the
"Global Test"tm

Doug said...

So, "Jenjis Khan" did it,
The Iraqis SHOULD do it:
Why can't Ramsey Clark argue that
Saddam was just doing the right thing?

terrye said...

Ramsey Clark and John Kerry have a lot in common...they both despise their country and make no bones about it.

The Attorney General and the Ltnt. reprting for duty.

David Thomson said...

It is disturbing that such bright people like Daniel Drezner, Mickey Kaus, and Jeff Jarvis failed to see the danger of a possible Kerry presidency. The man is a buffoon and would have greatly endangered our nation.

Buddy Larsen said...

To comment on David's musing, Kerry is simply crazy-making. To wit:

"He is so obviously a traitor, it can't be possible that he isn't disgraced--or in I must BE CRAZY! Therefore, to help my country, I'll have to do the opposite of whatever seems right, and VOTE for him!"

RogerA said...

You know--you can't make this stuff up--and this is the IDIOT the democratic party nominated to be the President of the United States of America--and the sorry SOB came close to winning! This is the Idiot the MSM was going to provide at least 15 points for--and probably did! God help us all.

Peter UK said...

Are these, two the same man