Wednesday, June 28, 2006

AP Watch 6/28

Mike Robinson needs to work on his vocabulary. His story on Daley's political machine corruption needs an adjective which could be used to identify all those involved by a common denominator. It's amazing that Robinson lacks the ability to share with readers the single thing most helpful in identifying these political crooks.

Look for it and see if you can guess what the perpetrators of a political patronage scandal might have in common that Robinson just can't bring himself to type.

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Knucklehead said...

That is pretty amusing. He got through the entire bit without telling us they were, each and every one,

vnjagvet said...

No..... not ......D........s.

Everyone knows only Re=thug=li=cans are part of the nationwide Culture of Corruption.

Harry, Nancy and the AP must keep us "on message".

Fresh Air said...

Speaking from Chicago, though I do find this omission astonishing, I don't think anyone really needs to be told all of Daley's friends in corruption are Democrats. It's not like they would be Republicans or anything.

buddy larsen said...

(ht Maggie'sFarm)
AP incorrectly claims Science agrees with Gore.

Knucklehead said...

Since we're talking about hot air (Al Gore) and his Global Warming Jihad, I thought I'd pass along this little tidbit, Ancient Seal Remains Reveal Warmer Antarctica, Study Says (ht - Jim Miller).

cf said...

photogs chummy with terrorists..

(More here on Reuters photogs, too)/

buddy larsen said...

(Snip from)
Associated Press
06.28.2006, 08:48 PM

"Gaza's economy was already in the doldrums before the Israeli assault, a result of five years of Israeli-Palestinian violence and an international aid boycott that followed Hamas' parliamentary election victory in January. The Israeli assault threatened to turn a bad situation into a disaster - underscoring the extent to which hopes have been dashed following the optimism that accompanied Israel's pullout. Palestinian plans for high-rise apartments, sports complexes and industrial parks in lands evacuated by Israel have given way to despair, with rising poverty, increasingly violent relations with Israel and a looming threat of civil war."

Damn, what a bunch of bad luck!

cf said...

A kid is kidnapped and murdered. The AP uses the word "executed", a term usually confined to those who've first been convicted in some proceeding.

buddy larsen said...

Wonder why AP can't bring itself to ever ever add something even so bland as "Some people actually believe the source of the violence is the continuing attacks upon one side by the other."

Then you see, we could ask the proper questions, what would happen if Israel quit, what would happen if the terrorists quit.