t.f. boggs on the Times

Thursday, June 29, 2006
t.f. boggs: "Whether or not the information revealed this past week will affect lives remains to be seen but like I noted in my letter money is a huge part of the equation for terrorists. Without money they would be unable to buy the supplies needed to attack us. If, as a result of their reading the story in one of their favorite (NYT, LAT, and WSJ) American papers, it is now easier for terrorists to escape the eye of our security agencies then lives will be in danger in the future and you can count on that. "


gumshoe1 said...

i'd venture "supplies"
is only a small part of why
terror operators "need money".

they need mobility,cover,
and access,as much,or more.

money buys them rather a lot of that ability...as does the
"civil liberities" crowd.

PS - money also demonstrates "prowess"
to new recruits...

a sheik literally sitting in a cave with no gear or passport-machines and international air tickets isn't gonna attract many jihadis.

gumshoe1 said...

andrew mccarthy had these relevant comments to make re: intercepting jihad via surveillence and intelligence:

"They’re Just More Important Than You Are"-Are any secrets more important than the New York Times’s sources?
By Andrew C. McCarthy


"They refuse to be reasoned with. They can afford to. They’re not a country. They don’t have to worry about defending a territory. They are seeped into places that can’t be bombed into submission. They are the world, after all. They are the children — or at least hidden among them. No “Mutually Assured Destruction” here.

No, you have only one defense: Intelligence. Superpower power is useless. What are you gonna do? Hit them where they live? Bomb Hamburg? Bomb London? Bomb New York?

Not an option. Your nukes, stealth fighters, carpet bombers … they’re largely irrelevant. This is not about killing an advancing brigade. It’s about killing cells. A handful of operatives here and there, nestled among millions of innocents.

The real challenge is not how to kill them — or at least capture them. It’s how to /find/ them. How to identify them from among the hordes they dress like, sound like, and even act like … right up until the moment they board a plane. Or wave cheerily alongside a naval destroyer. Or park their nondescript van in the catacombs of a mighty skyscraper.

The only way to prevent terrorist attacks is to gather intelligence. It is to collect the information that reveals who the jihadists are, who is backing them with money and resources, and where they are likely to strike. There is nothing else."