Brain Drain and Physics as Snark

Friday, June 16, 2006
Why Germany has a brain drain.
I applied again for the program in summer 2005. The regulations had become significantly more difficult and bureaucratic. Among other things, the application had to be typeset in Arial, printed on A4 paper and two-hole-punched (you don't believe that? Read Section IV: Proposal Formats and Submission). Living in the US, the latter two requests I found almost impossible to fulfil. (Well, if you live in Germany, try to print 50 pages on letter format and get them 3-hole-punched).
The rest of the sad story is here.

If you like to watch physicists and mathematicians snarking it up in blog comments, go read this, and the comments that follow. Its just like mud wrestling. I kinda liked this bit:
Some people really ought to pospone getting a blog until they are fully tenured - at least.
I suspect nobody here followed that advice. I'm sure that's why most of us don't have tenure. Oh, and here is the blog of the guy they are dissing, Luboš Motl.


David Thomson said...

The economies of the EU nations will continue to decline. I see little chance of a reversal. Many of their more brilliant citizens will continue emigrating to the United States. We must loosen up our immigration policies to make it as easy for these individuals as possible.