Monday, June 26, 2006

Watch Bush tear Bill Keller a new one

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Bush calls Times’s expose “disgraceful”

I agree with some other commenters: I don't think I've seen Bush this obviously angry since sometime in September 2001.


terrye said...

Here is the transcript and take note of the insipid tone of the questioner:

Q Sir, several news organizations have reported about a program that allows the administration to look into the bank records of certain suspected terrorists. My questions are twofold: One, why have you not gone to Congress to ask for authorization for this program, five years after it started? And two, with respect, if neither the courts, nor the legislature is allowed to know about these programs, how can you feel confident the checks and balances system works?

THE PRESIDENT: Congress was briefed. And what we did was fully authorized under the law. And the disclosure of this program is disgraceful. We're at war with a bunch of people who want to hurt the United States of America, and for people to leak that program, and for a newspaper to publish it does great harm to the United States of America. What we were doing was the right thing. Congress was aware of it, and we were within the law to do so.

The American people expect this government to protect our constitutional liberties and, at the same time, make sure we understand what the terrorists are trying to do. The 9/11 Commission recommended that the government be robust in tracing money. If you want to figure out what the terrorists are doing, you try to follow their money. And that's exactly what we're doing. And the fact that a newspaper disclosed it makes it harder to win this war on terror.

Thank you.

buddy larsen said...

John Snow on the Keller letter "Incredibly arrogant, and betraying a complete misunderstanding of the (SWIFT) program".