The New York Times has revealed our private data

Monday, June 26, 2006
The right says the New York Times is treasonous for revealing classified national security info espcially in a time of war. The left says they are protecting the principles of America because the press has a right and obligation to reveal anything that may compromise our private data and that we cannot trust a government that keeps secrets and therefore must hold it accountable.

Well, here is something everyone can understand. The New York Times itself has revealed our private data. Private data belonging to each and every one of us. Private data about our own individual security.

How would you react if a local newspaper published details about the locks you use on your doors and imply that a burglar should try the windows instead?

Jack Cafferty on CNN snorts that the government shouldn't be going through people's private bank records. Let's ignore that Cafferty has his basic facts wrong, how does he feel about the New York Times snooping around the private security measures Jack Cafferty took as part of the democratic process of electing a government?

The sources and methods that ensure our individual security are private to each and every one of us as citizens of this country. The New York Times blew our privacy.

May they rot.


terrye said...


Well aside from the facts that large money transfers are not private, [just try to buy a new car using cash and see how many people get involved in the process] this situation begs the question: who is watching the watcher?

Syl said...

Of course it is terrye.

But people just do not understand the concept that classified information concerning our national security is our OWN PRIVATE DATA. OURS.