AP Watch 6/30

Friday, June 30, 2006
AP's headline Convicted Child Molester to Get New Trial prepares the reader for the propaganda which follows in Adam Gorlick's poorly reported account. After all, we wouldn't expect AP to crow about leading the largest witch hunt since Salem, would we? Gorlick can't seem to remember Dorothy Rabinowitz's name, or the fact that her expose of the press hyteria surrounding the day care "trials" won a Pulitzer. Nor does he find space to mention that Janet Reno rose to fame based upon her malicious prosecution of the innocent in Florida. Perhaps AP was just short of pixels.
Ryan Lenz continues AP's war against the military with an anonymously sourced account of another allegation involving US troops. Why is this "U.S. military official" spouting to AP? Is a "military official" a member of the military or something else?

The 101st should exercise great care with this "reporter" embedded among them. Vipers are always poisonous and feeding them doesn't make them less so.
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