The John Birch Left?

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Enchiridion Militis · The enemy within.: "But for all his generally good circumstances, he’s been on the political and cultural losing side all his adult life. He’s tired of it. And he’s found a website which, at last, makes him feel empowered. He is, in short, the typical member of the so-called netroots: the left-wing movement, organized around blogs, that seeks to “take back” this country from its usurpers. The netroots is a movement born of desperation and a sense of embattlement at being on the losing side of historical forces. It sees itself as the inheritor and the guarantor of true American tradition and identity, and it seeks to restore those things to their rightful primacy in national life. Critically, it choose to not merely fight its foes, but emulate them. It sees the prime virtue of its enemies as their ability to win, and if they can just crack the code — if it can grasp the very methodology of victory — then they will turn the tables, and victory will be theirs."


David Thomson said...

"But for the sake of the enemy — we conservatives of all stripes — we need merely note that whereas they have a pint-sized Welch, they have no Buckley."

It’s far worse than that. The Internet has changed everything. Today’s “mainstream” Democratic Party is incapable of effectively marginalizing the Daily Kos types. In the past, the two major parties could hold back funds and limit public exposure. The Daily Kos may not be able to raise millions of dollars---but he can raise thousands within hours. Interacting with the true believing followers is virtually effortless.

terrye said...

In some respects I think the internet has made the extremes [both left and right] seem larger than they are.

They create echo chambers and reinforce one another's opinions. This creates a false reality, they think they are more powerful than they are.

The right and the center right are better at keeping the right leaning loons in line, but the the Left does not seem to have the same checks. I sometimes I woonder if the anti Aemricansim we see in the world reinforces them to such an extent that it makes it more difficult to pull them back. After all they can't take the country back if they do not even believe in it.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

After all they can't take the country back if they do not even believe in it.

The plan is to fool all those stooooooopid red-staters, the way they believe the Fascist Oil Companies that control the world via their puppets Bush and Cheney have already done.

terrye said...


Well I suggest they wake up and realize it is not 1969 anymore. That was Kos's plan of attack and thus far he has not succeeded at anything but making a name for himself. In terms of winning elections he sucks and so doea his fan club.

Fascist oil company my ass, anytime these people want to buy a few acres and live off the land with their goats they can just go for it.