AP/Reuters Watch 6/22

Thursday, June 22, 2006
A Flares feature which takes the Associated Press declaration in its


"we abhor inaccuracies, carelessness, bias or distortions"

to heart and offers a helping hand by pointing out egregious examples of abhorrent practice as they occur.

Day after day after day.

Examples found by readers and posted in comments will be placed in the main post with credit.

All Flares contributors are invited to edit and/or update AP/Reuters Watch posts.

NOTE: Stories at AP and Reuters are updated throughout the day. Some of their updates may obviate criticism made here.
Sweetness & Light plays "Guess his party" on an AP story concerning the indictment of the mayor of San Jose on corruption charges. [h/t Clarice]
As Clarice notes in comments this one is self fisking. Wizbang provides some entertainment in comments.
Thomas Watkins might want to look into the what charged" means with reference to the UCMJ. The investigation resulted in charges, those charges are referred to the Article 32 officer who conducts a hearing to determine whether the matter will be referred to the commander. The commander has the responsibility of actually determining whether a court martial is justified. The critical element is the referral from the Article 32 hearing.

AP is measuring rope a little early on this one. But then again, that's what AP does best.
David Espo writes a relatively decent piece marred somewhat by the blatant propaganda in the headline: GOP-Run Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase and the lack of notation that the proposed increase is 41%. Well, that and the fact that Dem populist gasbags drag this out in every election season without ever proposing that the minimum wage be indexed with a rational COLA measure. Because a permanent "fix" would take it off the table as a faux "issue" and without faux issues - well what do the Dems have?

It's good to see Teddy's picture tied to the article. Nothing like putting a milionaire tax avoider up as a champion of the little guy.

AP Blog: Stint in Iraq Similiar to Russia. Now that sounds like it mike be interesting! What are the similarities between Iraq and Russia? Inquiring me wanted to know.

It's a blog by Kim Gamel and she does a tour de force of sophomoric, moonbat composition. (See the comments section. --Knuck)


CF said...

Global warming..http://wizbangblog.com/2006/06/22/global-warming-story-fisks-itself.php

terrye said...


I listened to NPR this morning and they had not a word to say aobut the wmd found in Iraq but they were beside themselves with excitement over the Marines being charged. it was all they wanted to talk about.

Knucklehead said...

I couldn't help noticing that under the "World" heading at the AP site there are two, and only two, categories: Iraq and Bird Flu.

Then I noticed that AP has blogs!

This one caught my eye, AP Blog: Stint in Iraq Similiar to Russia. Now that sounds like it mike be interesting! What are the similarities between Iraq and Russia? Inquiring me wanted to know.

It's a blog by Kim Gamel and she does a tour de force of sophomoric, moonbat composition. A must read, fersure, containing wonders such as:

I often feel a sense of deja vu here in Iraq as it reminds me of time spent in Moscow and Kiev in the years before and after the Soviet Union fell apart.

One of the first things I see from my seat on the plane as it spirals into Baghdad is the white roof of Abu Ghraib...

No clues about similarities yet but, heh, Abu Ghraib has already been worked in.

...The scene changes as we enter Baghdad proper to busy sidewalks lined with stalls that sell everything from clothes to electronics to kuba, a traditional dish that's basically a rice ball filled with meat.

I flash back to newly independent Russia, when babushky and war veterans took to the streets to sell their pots and pans and medals to earn some money as the former Soviet Union plunged into capitalism.

OK, on the one hand we have people selling everything and on the other hand we have people unloading their personal pots and pans and medals from the Great Patriotic War. The similarity, I presume, is plunging into capitalism

The Palestine Hotel - a 19-story tower that overlooks the Tigris River and is currently the AP's headquarters in Baghdad - is a shabby shell of the luxury accommodation it once was and I have a feeling the main thing I'll remember about it is the cockroaches swarming over the countertop as I wash my dishes in the bathroom sink.

That also takes me back to 1989, when I was an exchange student in Kiev and had to take my own lightbulbs into the dorm's bathroom because otherwise people would steal them. Times were hard for Soviet university students just a few years after Gorbachev launched perestroika. The cockroaches scatter as the light comes on.

Sigh... It goes on. Read it and weep.

Peter UK said...

Sounds like Kim Gamel really misses Communism.

Rick Ballard said...


An AP employee - it's probably a job requirement.

CF said...

S & L Plays Guess His Party with this AP story on the arrest of San Jose's Mayor..Maybe this should be a permanent feature..it's such a common propaganda ploy of AP.