Betting their political futures on Iraq

Monday, June 19, 2006
This article by by John Fund says it all in a few words.


David Thomson said...

This article perhaps should be read along with John Fund’s piece:

I do not share Dick Morris’ pessimism concerning the Republicans' chances in November. On the contrary, I predict that the GOP will retain control over both houses of Congress. Morris forgets that staying alive is a voter’s primary concern. The Democrats can no longer be trusted on defense issues. End of story. The red and purple state voters will most assuredly cast their votes for Republican candidates.

Syl said...

I personally think things are pretty dicey in Iraq right now but I certainly don't think we should leave. I was hoping for a little more aggressiveness in Baghdad, though. All it looks like, for now at least, is roadblocks and curfews.

terrye said...


Hopefully there is more than we can see. I would guess there is a lot of pliticking going on in regards to militias etc. But I think it would go better if the Democrats would shut up.