When did Britain start following France?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
In a post the other day, I was knuckle rapped for saying I was shocked when I read the Alain Finkielkraut interrogation-confession. Why are you shocked? Don't you know that a once free France is now dead? I was asked by my Flares colleague, David Thomson. Other countries, perhaps your own, are not far behind he added.

Well, I'm still shocked. This time it is by the news that the British government would ask one of its prisoners described by a Spanish judge as al-Qaeda's ambassador in Europe to plead on behalf of the four "Christian" "peace" activists kidnapped in Iraq. Or is it really on behalf of the British government and its desire to save face, to show that it can work with Muslims to bring non-violent solutions to our conflicts?

But how are the Brits saving any face for the cause of non-violence with this shameless pleading with terrorists over the lives of four people whose hatred of Israel and the west, and whose general disregard for reality, led them to become hostages and pawns in a struggle against the west in the first place? In all the pleading that is now ongoing, western voices on behalf of the kidnapped are almost caricaturing, in their utter sincerity, the "Christian pacifism" of the kidnap victims' own gnostic caricature of Christianity and peace.

Need we not make some sacrifices to reality and refuse to give terrorist kidnappers any sustenance for their dangerous egos?

Melanie Phillips has two good posts up on "Dreamworld Britain" In the first we are told about the new "Conservative" party leader, a so-called "libertarian" with a fondness for political correctness:
yes, the old Tories are a deeply unattractive bunch. So maybe the country will indeed be thus charmed by this Lord of the Rings hero Frodo Cameron and his Samwise Osborne — who reportedly watched Tony Blair give birth to New Labour in the 1990s and decided then and there that the Conservative party needed similarly to tear itself up by the roots — as they set out on their journey to throw the ring of Conservatism into the fires of Mordor.

So stand by for (almost) all-women Tory candidates’ short-lists (according to the BBC’s excellent Nick Robinson this morning), and almost certainly support for the whole multicultural, libertine, victim culture lifestyle — and who knows, maybe a dash of exciting, trendy drug legalisation too, just to be in touch with ‘Britain as it now is’.

In the second post, Melanie reports on Carol Gould's report of a "Global Peace and Unity Conference", sponsored by, among others, London's Metropolitan Police, at which all manner of hatred from western leftists and Islamist celebrities was given voice.

What was interesting was the repeated theme by a string of sheikhs from across the globe that the leaders of Arab nations were a weak, spineless bunch of puppets of the Americans who did not have the guts to stand up to Israel and the United States. This theme caused tremendous excitement in the crowd, as if a global Intifadah might just start in this London arena.

Not surprisingly, Carol describes herself as being in a state of shock after this event. Her account needs to be brought to the widest possible public attention. The people participating in this hate-fest need to be exposed for the racist hate-mongers that they are. Her account should be shown to the government and to the Attorney-General with a view to possible prosecution for incitement to violence. Did I say prosecution? Fat chance! The Metropolitan Police was actually sponsoring this event. Someone should be asking it, as a matter of urgency, what the hell it thinks it is doing.

Living in Britain at present is like living in a dream world. Things are happening, trends are running and a particular logic has taken hold which are all driving the country towards an unspeakable future. Yet no-one talks about it, no-one acknowledges it and whenever the plain facts are blurted out by a brave and clear-eyed person like Carol Gould people’s eyes glaze over, they shuffle their feet and look the other way.

Perhaps Carol should not have been shocked. Perhaps this event reflects a phenomenon integral to Islam, the pattern recognized centuries ago by the historian, Ibn Khaldun: the perennial tendancy in Muslim society to replace decadent leaders in the seats of power with fresh blood and defenders of the faith who come in from the cold deserts with their tribesmen, lop off the heads of the corrupt Islamic world, and settle down to rule in the name of the true law, that is until they in turn become corrupted by power and are replaced in the endless cycle of resentments that, it may seem, have yet to find more liberal ways of transcending themselves.


Peter UK said...

One has to understand what the internal politics are.
Firstly most of us probably don't think very much either way about the hostages,other than here we go again.but,and it is a very big but the government is frightened witless of a backlash against the Muslim minorities here.
After 7/7 the Government immediately called for calm and for the British people to refrain from a backlash..this was regarded as an insult to a people who were in shock.
Now the same Government is pleading for the lives of the hostages fearing one more slaughtered Briton and the public and the papers will crucify the Government.
It is important to divorce the chattering classes from the rest of the nation,the rest of us are mightily pissed at what we see as the Government enforcing the law on those it can and giving a free pass to those who flout the law..but,none of this has gone unnoticed

truepeers said...


Well, i hope you are not at the point of vigilanteism yet. That would be only a further regrettable sign of the collapse of the state that many think is the fundamental historical dynamic of our times. It is true the British state looks weak at present, because it has lost touch with the British nation, but if its fear is an internal backlash against Muslims, isn't the current spectacle of passively pleading with the kidnappers not counter productive? It sure riles me more than it would to know that Islamic fundamentalists killed some of ours who strayed stupidly onto their turf.

Peter UK said...

Not vigilanteism,but disengagement,fewer are taking part in the political process,assimilation is regarded with a take it or leave it attitude.many are voting with their feet.
On this issue Blair will have consulted with his focus groups and the answer will have been,saving the hostages will earn him points,another Ken Bigley will lose him points,simple as that.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Living in Britain at present is like living in a dream world. Things are happening, trends are running and a particular logic has taken hold which are all driving the country towards an unspeakable future. Yet no-one talks about it, no-one acknowledges it and whenever the plain facts are blurted out by a brave and clear-eyed person like Carol Gould people’s eyes glaze over, they shuffle their feet and look the other way.

Ever seen the movie Cabaret?

Peter UK said...

Most of us are not in a dream world just the liberal elites,they have invested so much in the benefits of their world view that to deny it would amount to apostasy.
You have to understand that ZaNulabor is the equivalent of the deranged wing of the Democrats with a dash of ACLU.But for the gerrymandering of the Scottish vote Blair would not be in office,his party is dependent on the Muslim vote in many inner city constituencies.
BTW Carol Gould is looking at the wrong people,I suspect that if she talked to the working class it would be a different story

truepeers said...

BTW Carol Gould is looking at the wrong people,I suspect that if she talked to the working class it would be a different story

Carol: He also wanted to know why I was wearing a poppy. I tried to explain the concept of the Cenotaph and Armistice Day. But he seemed determined to establish that I was a Jewess above all else. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shake him off. I began to get very alarmed. I hailed a taxi and, thankfully, my pursuer, who was by this time shouting, did not get into the taxi. The driver was enormously sympathetic but told me that I had been 'asking for it' by walking in what he called 'Little Beirut.' He then told me that we were in World War III. His white, working class anger at what he perceived as 'the Islamic takeover' of Britain was palpable. He was not the first London cabbie who has told me he would gladly join the far-right British National Party if pushed.
Carol goes slumming

MeaninglessHotAir said...

The problem is that these people are not taken seriously. The British government is working hard to allay the natural resentments of the native British population, and why? Because they are taken seriously, seen as real. The Muslims and leftists are not taken seriously in their bombings and beheadings. Who could believe that? They don't really want to convert everyone by the sword do they? How declasse. No, it's just too horrible to believe and that's all there is to it.

Somehow it reminds me of Albert Speer's description of his earliest encounters with Hitler. He was taken with the force of the man, taken with the sense that he talked. As for all that virulent anti-Semitism, well, he couldn't really have meant that could he? No, too horrible to believe.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


From the article it would appear that the Conservative elites are in the same dream world.

Rick Ballard said...


I believe your Caberet remark to be very accurate. It's 1935 and if we just reason with those silly Germans, I'm sure they will drop that foolish rearmament talk.

Approximately the same class and the same mindset. It's all pretend and pretense.

truepeers said...

It's all pretend and pretense.

-yes, but that is not in itself enough of an argument to reject the pretense. Society must always rely on some quantum of pretending; this is what faith demands of us an alternative to living in some "trustless" Darwinian reality.

So if we truly believe that the current pretenders are so corrupted and stupid that they will soon bring us to our doom, then we have to find a way of making our heretical critique of their power into a new generation of stories, a new symbolic order, something every twelve year-old can grasp and incorporate as they pretend to the roles they will play as adults.

This, Rick, is what you have called on me to attempt in various conversations. And now I see it more clearly - thanks to Prospero, Voltimand, you, and others - as our project here, one that is more pressing, or perhaps just more obvious, with every day.

terrye said...

Yes, but to convert to Islam requires effort and a belief system, most of the people in the West who are not Christian simply are not interested in becoming involved with a religion that requires a change in lifestlye.

Our laziness and desire to please ourselves will save us.

As for the hostages.... what did these people think was going to happen to them when they went over there and started pandering to the socalled resistance?

I suppose now some baby killing Marines are expected to risk life and limb to rescue them?

I am sorry for them and I feel for their people back home but maybe the next time some of these silly people will stop and think that these guys are terrorists, they are not the French resistance or the Minute Men, they are not just trying to stop Cheney from stealing the oil....they are bad people who kill other people for the fun of it.

sheesh. I hear the terrorists have extended the deadline.

Peter UK said...

It is amusing to read someone like Carol Gould enunciate the reality that ordinary people have lived with for decades,whole swathes of cities become another country,to point out that integration and assimilation seemed to depend on the subjugation of the indigenous culture was howled down with cries of racism.
So when flags and festivals are banned lest they give offence it is the icons of the indegenes which are suppressed,a nativity play expunged from scholls but Eid celebrated.
Draconian laws prevent us speaking out,so like their ancestors under the Normans the people hate in silence.

David Thomson said...

"Draconian laws prevent us speaking out,so like their ancestors under the Normans the people hate in silence."

Great Britian does not have a First Amendment. End of story. It may be too late to save itself. Younger Britains should consider moving to the United States.

Rick Ballard said...


It is odd to think that the Iraqis will soon engage in the democratic process with the possibility that true democracy will arise while Canada and the UK will engage in a process which has a fair chance of retaining the slavemaking tranzi multiculti's whose main talent is rule by deceit.

I keep wondering when the cathartic event will occur in the West. 9/11 was not quite enough because the tranzi's were able to promulgate their sickening vision a little too quickly. The rioters in France were careful to destroy property not worth fighting for - this time. I still believe those riots to be a testing raid.

The creation of a new mythos really is imperative for Western survival. We need an assimilative vision such as Saroyan wrote back in the '40's and '50's that encompasses the difficulties but worthiness of the transition to a new culture. Dragging in the corpse of the old culture, propping it up and having elected officials give it a warm hug is just sickening. "If the old ways were so damned good, what the hell are you doing here?" needs to be asked loudly and often.

The West is worth fighting for (contrary to the spineless tranzi/multicultis) and part of the fight is the development of that new assimilitive narrative. It exists - in the UK, in Cananda and in the US. It just hasn't been told.

I don't know if it actually exists in France or Germany. Frankly, I no longer care. I'll focus on frying fish closer to home for the time being.