AP/Reuters Watch 6/16

Friday, June 16, 2006
A Flares feature for postings of egregious examples of AP's proclivity to integrate propaganda into their news pieces. Or is that integrate news into their propaganda pieces?

Examples found and posted in comments will be placed in the main post with credit.

All Flares contributors are invited to edit and/or update AP/Reuters Watch posts.

NOTE: Stories at AP and Reuters are updated throughout the day. Some of their updates may obviate criticism made here.
This one gets its own blog - Lolita C. Baldor is a real jewel. Does al Queada give medals to journalists? Or do they rely upon the Pulitzer committee?
Clarice Feldman, in comments, notes an LGF post concerning an AP story that appears to have gone through some changes. Did IRWAN FIRDAUS, the author, have a change of heart? Or did an editor finally read what had been published?
Here is a twofer. First - "set up" in the headline and then a seque to "engineered" in the first graf. The wicked Republicans have given the Democrats what they asked for once again - how could they be so cruel? This is blatant interference with the politics of posturing on the part of the Republicans. The Democrats always want to talk about the need to have a debate - not actually do it.
UPDATE: Headline has now changed to "House GOP Nears Vote on Iraq Withdrawal" - those damned Republicans aren't even going to let Dems vote!
Liz Sidoti provides a view of the outcome which mirabile dictu neglects to explore the division within Democrat ranks concerning the vote. She manages to inject this this:
A few Republicans who have publicly expressed misgivings about the war also were expected to oppose the resolution. And, some GOP incumbents who face tough challenges from Democrats in November issued qualified support for the measure while criticizing the GOP-led Congress."
which covers the views of the three Republicans who voted nay but somehow forgets to write a paragraph concerning the 42 Democrats who crossed over to vote support. Not quite 2% of the Reps crossing over is news but 20% of the Dems doing the same isn't.

AP in a nutshell.
UPDATE - AP has made changes mitigating the effect of their first report.
Martin Crutsinger writes a puzzler.

Am I supposed to be more concerned about:

"However, the concern is that the current account deficit could grow so high that foreigners will become less willing to hold U.S. assets. If they began dumping their U.S. holdings it could depress stock prices, send U.S. interest rates higher and cause the dollar's value to fall sharply."
or is this:

"Americans earned $1.9 billion more on their overseas investments than foreigners earned on their U.S. holdings, returning this figure to positive territory after it had slipped to a negative $2.2 billion in the fourth quarter. Economists warn that with the growing holdings of foreigners in this country, the investment category will soon slip into negative territory on a permanent basis."
a greater concern?

Are we in danger of foreigners suddenly selling their growing holdings or should we fear them buying more? 'Cause we gotta fear something, ya know.
Jim Miller has a takedown of the way Kim Gamel of the AP constructs her story about the continuing raids following the demise of Zarqawi. If there is good news about killing murdering scum the AP must lace it with whatever they can to tone down the good news. --Knucklehead
John Heilprin of the AP can even take Bush to Create Largest Marine Sanctuary (which would seem to be quite pleasant news for just about anyone other than the owners of the eight fishing licenses) and find ways to bash Bush. See comments section for details. --Knucklehead
Well, here's a switch, Marine interrogation Showing the evils of the hegemon, but oddly, for the AP, the writer is in support of US Marines. An attempt to show balance and neutrality I suppose. ---Luther


Knucklehead said...

The Dems are in Costless Blather mode and the AP is more than willing to help them whine when the Republicans tell 'em, "Put up or shut up".

Knucklehead said...

What am I am missing, Rick? Americans are making money on their foreign holdings. If foreigners sell off their American holdings presumably Americans would make even more money on their foreign holdings since there's be more money chasing them. Then, should they so desire, be able to then buy US holdings at discount.

Doesn't that fit with the whole notion of buy low, sell high, repeat.

Knucklehead said...

I was wondering how the AP (or the NYT for that matter) would find a way to spin this to make some dig at Bush: Bush to Create Largest Marine Sanctuary.

I figured who could complain about this in any way? Yeah, OK, some fishermen might be unhappy but this is something the vast majority of lefties and a whole lotta us "conservatives" with a conservationist bent can get behind.

Well, leave it to the AP. It took 'em a while - 5 graphs with nary a complaint - but they got there:

It is only the second time that Bush has invoked the 1906 National Antiquities Act, which gives the president authority to create national monuments to preserve the nation's ancient cultural sites and unusual geological features.

which is clearly not a good thing, since:

President Clinton used the act to create 19 national monuments and expand three others to set aside 5.9 million acres of land, mainly in the West, and he drew widespread criticism from conservatives...

Expanding the existing reserve and refuge to a monument of 140,000 square miles will make it the largest no-take marine conservation area in the world, just ahead of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Notice the clever juxtapositioning of Clinton's 5.9 million acres vs. Bush's paltry 140,000 square miles. Wouldn't want folks to recognize that 140,000 sq. miles is (if my 'rithmetic is correct)... 89,600,000 acres.

Knucklehead said...

Unless of course, that's nautical miles and then we're into 118,657,000 acres or thereabouts.

Rick Ballard said...


Such simplisme! You have missed the entire point - in a well planned economy there are no surprises. Good planning takes the messy uncertainty out of our lives just look at the Airbus success....

Knucklehead said...

The planning and elimination of uncertainty! I knew that. Nothing should change unless the central planners decide it should change.

terrye said...

This morning I made the mistake of turning on NPR on my car radio and immediately I heard some reporter saying that in spite of hopes that the death of Zarqawi would end violence in Iraq there had been a suicide bomber.

Well you know what? No one said that there would be an immediate end to all terrorism in Iraq. These folks just make this crap up as they go along.

Skookumchuk said...


If it all works out, someday NPR will be reduced to complaining about the poorly timed traffic lights on the way in from Baghdad International as an example of "failure".

CF said...

Here’s an astounding example of the Associated Press shilling for radical Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, who has no sympathy at all for infidels murdered by his terrorist friends: Cleric Calls on Bush to Convert to Islam. (Hat tip: torahmike.)

The AP’s moral equivalence has never been more blatant, or more disgusting.

Bashir, who has never been linked to the execution, preparation or commission of terrorist attacks, was asked Thursday about families still suffering from the Bali blasts.

He said the attacks “were God’s will” and that survivors should “convert to Islam” if they wanted to soothe their suffering.

He had the same message for Bush and Howard, whom he criticized for waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying converting was “the only way for them to save their souls.”

Both ideas were crudely expressed, but are in line with basic Islamic — and Christian — teachings on personal redemption and God’s omnipotence.http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=21059_Are_Islamists_Writing_for_the_Associated_Press&only