California Results

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
CA-50 updates here.

8:30 PM Absentee only at this point with Bilbray comfortably ahead.

9:10 There is a bit of an anomaly in the absentee ballots. The total seems rather high and I notice that Busby has more than 5K more votes in the special than she has in her primary. The Dems couldn't have been purchasing absentee votes could they? Naughty, naughty.

It appears that Mehlman was on top of it - as he will be in November.

CA-11 results can be followed here.

Pombo has a nice early edge.

It looks like 82 is going to fail. Tough luck, Reiner.


David Thomson said...

Gloom and doom is starting to set in at the Daily Kos blog:

"CA-50: Low Dem turnout
by kos
Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 07:45:45 PM PDT

Hotline blog:

It "just seems like a very slow election day," said Eileen Shea, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Office. Officials expect the turnout to hit about 38%, she said. Sources tell On Call that low turnout in CA 50 is worrying Dems.

This might be election day jitters. But if this bears out, a big factor will be the nasty governor's race. Our two inept campaigns for governor may help cost us the House seat in the 50th."

David Thomson said...

The absentee ballots are a solid indication that the Republicans have won in the CA-50. I would be stunned if Bilbray's 8% lead does not hold up.

Oh yes, and there is another strong indicator: the silence of the MSM! The leftist media establishment senses that the Democratic candidate has likely been defeated.

vnjagvet said...

You can bet if the exit polls were the least bit encouraging for Ms. Busby, there would be much made of it by now in the LA/NY Times.

Another bullet dodged.

VIPLG (verification)

loner said...

We have a new mayor and he brought in his slate, which doesn't constitute a majority, but, as he got 62% of the vote, I have a feeling if a fourth vote wasn't already there it will be. And after all that turnout was 29%.

Busby did as well as that district will allow. She'll lose again in November and if she tries again in 2008 she'll lose. Same goes for 2010. They'll have presumably reapportioned by 2012.

At least we may be done for a while in California with propositions. Voting "no" is becoming a habit.


Rick Ballard said...

Busby did very well. Cunningham won with a 22% edge in '04. Bilbray currently has a 4% edge. I agree that Busby loses again in November, probably by qite a bit more. The DCCC is not going to put another $2M out for this district with it gerrymandered so well.

Syl said...

Yes it's nice to see the Left's Madrassa Proposition get defeated.