Feldman on Haditha "Reporting"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Clarice does another excellent job in dissecting the meme generation being attempted by the objectively pro al Queada propaganda organs concerning the incident at Haditha.

This is going to be a big story throughout the summer. The "facts" will be subject to speculation but the intent of the reporting is not. As with practically everything else concerning the war, the left and its propagandists will try to reestablish Vietnam as the narrative frame for gullible readers and viewers. They were able to lose one war doing so and that loss remains their life achievement.

Things are different today than they were in '70-'75 though. There is no equivalent to Comrade Uncle Walty and his heirs lack both his stature and his believeability. The propagandists tactics are well known and there are thousands of us ready to do our part in the rebuttal and destruction of pernicious memes.

This time we win.


Knucklehead said...

There really has to be some way to toss a few of these seditionist bastards in with their brethren at Gitmo.

David Thomson said...

“This time we win.”

We are indeed the band of Davids bringing down Goliath. The MSM no longer has a unassailable monopoly. I am convinced that red state Americans are rapidly gaining a clearer picture regarding Haditha. They will make sure that leftist politicians in their areas pay a devastating price at the ballot box.

Rick Ballard said...


We might not get them to Gitmo but we can help strangle their baby memes in the crib. Tom Maguire and Thom Lipscomb are focused on the New York Times (and to a lesser extent on the Washington Post). There is no question that the NYT is the major seditionist meme generator but NPR is also a major promoter.

I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to focus on particular reporters - like Bowman at NPR - and start picking each piece they write apart regarding its propaganda aims.

It's not as if these propagandists are clever for they definitely are not.

MHA's idea for a series for the morally challenged makes good sense and there is no reason that I can see as to why some of us could not pick up the gauntlet and focus upon specific writers.

Cooper at TIME is another one worthy of attention.

Fresh Air said...


The trouble is that virtually every piece written or broadcast is riddled with logical fallacies. Bandwagon (Bush's poll numbers); Ad hominem (pick 'em); Ad hominem circumstantial (Republican motives suspect); Appeal to pity (Cindy Sheehan); Appeal to authority (Jack Murtha); Invalid inference (global warming); Invalid syllogism ("culture of corruption"), etc., etc.

Frankly, most liberal reporters are too stupid to understand how ridiculous their stories sound to anyone who knows anything about logic and reasoning. They count on ignoramuses for an audience. See-BS probably has the lowest percentage of educated viewers--and it shows in the stories they present.

It's one of the main reasons, IMO, why attorneys make such great bloggers.

Knucklehead said...

Rick & FA,

Hmmmm... It might be fun to pick one of the weekly seditio... er, pundits and fisk the article.

It could also be done by fallacy as FA suggests. Here are the five standard idioc... er, logical fallacies and here's this week's examples.

CF said...

Thanks, Rick.

David Thomson said...

A neoconservative like myself has always considered himself to be outnumbered. I’ve taken it for granted that I will be under attack. That is not the case for your typical “mainstream” leftist journalist. They can say stupid things---and will rarely, if ever, be rebuked by those comprising their cultural milieu. This has resulted in intellectual laziness. Their minds are flabby and unable to discern the strengths and weaknesses of arguments.

terrye said...

I don't think most Americans want to relive Viet Nam. And I think there is a certain shame in the country for the treatment of soldiers back then. The Koskids cight want to take that jog down memory lane, but most of the rest of the country is not interested.

Skookumchuk said...


I don't think most Americans want to relive Viet Nam.

Right. Another reason why Mr. Lucky Hat Witness to War Crimes lost the election. But these people are destined to replay their little moment of glory over and over and over.

Luther McLeod said...

OT a tad, but I have always wanted to see a database of AP (and other's of course) reporters. Names, bio's, school's attended, links to past stories, that sort of thing. Then link that to the fisking of their articles. Good value there I think.

Rick, thanks for always looking on the positive side of things.

Luther McLeod said...

For an excellent example of seditionist crap from the AP.

New CMC nominated

Could they even possibly put more negative spin on some simple reportage?

Syl said...

I don't remember where I read this, but yesterday someone said that the American people are too decent to do to the Iraqis what we did to the Vietnamese.

We won't let that mistake happen again. We will not cut and run this time.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


I like the idea of such a database. No reason why we couldn't create it ourselves and publish it. It just takes somebody's time and effort. I'm a little weak in those departments myself right now, being in the midst of a three way power struggle, but if I hear any volunteers, I'm sure we could help accomodate them...

Luther McLeod said...


Other than some organizational skills and some time (away from yargb) I have not much to offer. But, I do volunteer.

This is all from my local fish-wrap of course. But the first thing I come up with is noticing names under the articles. I hardly ever see the same name twice, how many stringers do they have? After that it is a matter of google/ask/yahoo/Lexis/Nexis.

Let's call it a "Wikpedia" of journalists. They clamor for "openness" in government, I say let's have "openness" in the MSM.

The first item is NAMES. Second is, do these folks really exist. Yeah, I know, nutcase I am, but sometimes I wonder. After all, many of the AP's stories appear to be written by the same person.

Unfortunately, I think you and I are the only ones interested.

CF said...

AP watch is a great idea which I've thought of before. Sweetness & Light has tons of AP stories he highlights. AP regularly prints every handout Fenton hands it on environmental, health and consumer issues and prints them up as news. I'd like to get on the Fenton pr list (well maybe now it's the spin off firm frun by Arlie Schardt) and run side by sides of the presser and the AP article.(We need someone in the business to do that for us.)
They never identify the agenda of the organization making the charges, either.

Maybe we need to set up a separate blog and get the word out.

Rick Ballard said...


DIdn't Seneca mention having a wiki set up on the shelf?

Barry Dauphin said...

A wiki seems like a good way to beginning. Something more organized could come out as a more polished product from that at some point.

Luther McLeod said...

Well, then, let's not let it die. I just need direction on how to proceed. I will give it time.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Ok, Luther, let's do it. Start with a spreadsheet--that's the simplest database there is. The first step is to gather the data and the second is to broadcast it. We have a website we could put it on; we were all set to move Flares onto it 6 months ago but we ran out of time. Right now Seneca is working 70 hour weeks and I'm really hammered so neither of us can work on the programming of the new web site. Until that happens, we'll just have to handle it informally, tracking data behind the scenes and then publishing it on the blog when we get a significant story. You can begin by setting up the spreadsheet and then emailing it to me (at yahoo) and I'll spread it around. We can make your copy the official copy.

Luther McLeod said...

OK MHA. I'll get started.

CF said...

Why not set up an AP thread in the meantime where we can stash stories. Powerline has a bit about an AP foreign report (terrorism trial in France).http://powerlineblog.com/archives/014393.php

Skookumchuk said...

When I get some down time I would be glad to contribute.