It's Election Day in California

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
While I've seen a number of articles with CA-50 (Cunningham's former seat) mentioned as the "bright hope" of the Dem/Kossack wing, primarily due to the knock down drag out campaign being run by Reps who know the seat is a sinecure once taken, I've seen little reporting on one of the nastiest campaigns I've seen in a very long time.

CA-11 (my district) is ably represented by Richard Pombo, a low profile, staunch Bush supporter. You've probably never heard of Pombo, which, as far as I am concerned, is a good thing. He takes care of business for his constitutents in an effective manner and he's not a camera hog. His primary opponent is "Pete" McCloskey, of whom the most charitable description that might be made is RINO. A more apt description would be "leftist jerk of the first water". His supporters have been running a phone call campaign that consists entirely of denigrating Pombo's service. Oddly enough, they don't mention McCloskey's support of the Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW) the Commie instigated group for whom young Lyin' John Kerry performed before the Fulbright committee back in '71.

McCloskey is a real geezer and his only reason for running is to knock Pombo's support down a bit. I have doubts as to the efficacy of the tactic but I'm positive the Kossacks believe it to be potentially fruitful.

There is also a ballot measure (82) for the establishment of indoctrination centers for four year olds (mislabeled 'preschool') which, in typically Californian fashion, is being pitched as being wholly paid for with a 'soak the rich again' tax increase. It's a typical California 'free lunch' measure but its passage is not certain. The gross incompetence of the state legislature here has improved the intelligence of the average voter to some extent. In this instance they may draw themselves a bit closer to the mean - although they will still be at least a standard deviation away.

I won't miss California a bit.


David Thomson said...

Predictions: The Republicans will hold onto Duke Cunningham’s seat. McCloskey will also lose his race.

“ typically Californian fashion, is being pitched as being wholly paid for with a 'soak the rich again' tax increase.”

This anti-capitalist rhetoric is disturbing. We can take it for granted that it was thoroughly tested by the pollsters. This means that California is in deep trouble. Far too many of its citizens don’t understand basic economics. That is bad news for the state’s future economic prospects. Companies are already moving out of California and into the surrounding red states. Do you sell hamburgers or cut hair? In other words, are you a service provider? Is there any reason why your business must stay in the state? If not, it’s time to move out as quickly as possible.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Warning: if California is toast, then the US is toast, and with it the entire Western world.

David Thomson said...

“Warning: if California is toast, then the US is toast, and with it the entire Western world.”

Nope, let’s not get too carried away. California’s economic decline is a slow one. It’s similar to a small leak in a full bath tub. This state’s economic vitality will simply be transferred to the surrounding red states.

Rick Ballard said...

California is still very viable. More people coming in than leaving and a business environment that is manageable.

Very incompetent state government though - not even Arnold can do more than scratch the surface on that. It's an incumbent haven without match.

I'm getting out because of congestion, taxes and overall 'feel' but as I said - immigration is higher than emigration.

David Thomson said...

“More people coming in than leaving”

It is my understanding that the population influx is mostly comprised of illegal aliens. Am I mistaken about this?

loner said...

This has been a primary season without precedent where I'm concerned. My wife is a registered Republican and I'm a registered Democrat. I'm still fairly certain I'll be registering as a Republican next year, but I'm happy I waited as Cindy Sheehan and Jerry Brown wouldn't have called otherwise. Cindy wants me to vote for Jane Harman's opponent. Jerry wants me to vote for him. I'll be voting for neither. I might have voted for Jerry, but he called twice.

In my hometown, my impression is that everyone on the City Council is a Republican. A few years ago the huge mall tore down a large chunk (maybe a quarter) of the existing structure and for awhile it looked like a lot of housing might go in. It seems the debate over this provided a flashpoint. Who voted for what or whether there was even a vote is hotly disputed, but the result has been a fierce race for Mayor in which the incumbent has pulled out all the stops (mailers, phone calls, e-mail) to smear the Councilman who is challenging him. The Councilman has run a positive "time for a change" campaign and has promised to do everything he can to deal with the traffic congestion problem (and it is a problem) on city streets so I'm going to vote for him.

I make no predictions, but in California its nearly impossible to change the party representation of any sort of legislative district. The politicians made a deal and then did a very good job of putting together safe districts. If Condit's seat remained Democratic, and it did, it's very hard to believe, no matter what the polling and pundits say, that a Democrat has a shot of winning Cunningham's seat, but then, as always, turnout is of some importance.

I like California myself. Lots to see and do and an excellent place to work on being patient.

terrye said...

The only California race I have heard a lot about is the one for Cunningham's seat. I thought Busby had a chance but then she made that dumb remark about not needing papers to vote.

I am a supporter of comprehensive immigration reform myself, but that was just a dumb thing to say.

But who knows? That might not be a big deal to the people voting.

chuck said...

How did McCloskey get on the Republican ballot anyway? Hasn't he been endorsed by the SF Chronicle? He doesn't sound Republican to me and the reported zionist conspiracy comments sound, while good credentials for the Harvard School of Government, seem a bit odd in a man running for office in California.

Buddy Larsen said...

"Young Lyin'" John Kerry--har har--that's a good'n--

Rick Ballard said...


McCloskey's sole purpose in running is to soften up Pombo a bit for the general. The district is 'safe' as are all CA districts for incumbents - this is what passes for strategy in Koslandia. The Chron gave the game away a bit with their endorsement.


The 50 race is strange, Bilbray seems way too focused on the immigration issue, where he has some popular support but otherwise a bit too middle of the road for what is a very conservative district. There is a weird possibility of him winning the special election and losing the primary for the general election. Or losing both the special and the primary, which means that Busby would be facing a different opponent in November.


You make a good case for the benefits of California living. Lots and lots and lots and lots of people feel the same way. Perhaps I'm just weary of all those lots - and the taxes and high utility costs.


Nah, not illegals. There were one or two years immediately prior to the Davis recall when emigration may have topped immigration but the population has still grown by about 1.3M since 2000.


I think I need a new report on Ospring I and the Buzzards.