A Little Hitch and a Big Boom

Sunday, June 04, 2006
Don't despise Dowd and Clinton enough? Here's fuel for the flames.

Mr. Rushdie spent nearly a decade in hiding, and spent part of that time living with Mr. Hitchens in his Washington apartment. The author and his round-the-clock armed security holed up with Mr. Hitchens, his wife, and a new baby until New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd "annoyingly published" Mr. Rushdie's location, and he again had to take flight.

Mr. Hitchens soon after began receiving calls from counterterrorism officers at the State Department. They'd picked up intelligence from Tehran suggesting Mr. Hitchens' life, too, was in danger. He was encouraged to move and change his phone number, particularly after arranging a meeting between Mr. Rushdie and then-President Bill Clinton in late 1993. Mr. Clinton refused to have his picture taken with Mr. Rushdie, and later described it as "a surprise meeting" —one of many episodes prompting Mr. Hitchens to write a book about the Clintons in 1999, No One Left to Lie To.
Emphasis mine. More here.

Worried about global warming (or not)? Here's some perspective.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Planetary scientists have found evidence of a meteor impact much larger and earlier than the one that killed the dinosaurs -- an impact that they believe caused the biggest mass extinction in Earth's history.

The 300-mile-wide crater lies hidden more than a mile beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. And the gravity measurements that reveal its existence suggest that it could date back about 250 million years -- the time of the Permian-Triassic extinction, when almost all animal life on Earth died out.

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Syl said...

Neither here no there, except as far as global warming and man's inhumanity to gaia is concerned...got a note from NASA (news brieflets or something) saying that the ozone hole is repairing itself. No clue as to why.

Of course no clue as to why the hole formed in the first place so no wonder nobody knows why it's fixing itself.

re Maureen

What a bithc. Sorry. It's like these people don't believe fatwas are REAL.

Except Clinton though, well, maybe it's real, so he wanted to protect himself. Just. In. Case.

I love how lefties go all out to stand with someone when it isn't a danger to themselves. Like prisoners on death row. Such courage.

terrye said...

Clinton just has to lie.

I hope that any conservative pissed off about immigration or whatever thinking about setting out in 2008 would think about Bill as the First Scoundrel.

Buddy Larsen said...

Those on the right who--unable to tolerate a moderate president--will "sit out" and earn themselves another Clinton administration, will get to see their all-important tolerance levels become the least of anybody's concerns.

Buddy Larsen said...

The Big Boom, latest--

Eric Blair said...

Nice catch. I've read several books on the Permian-Traissic extinction, and other than confirming that it occurred, there's been a LOT of speculation on the cause. a Meteor of course, was one, but there has also been speculation that a massive volcanic eruption in what's now Siberia may have caused it too. Then again, maybe the volcanic eruption was an after effect of the impact.