Cats May Be Allergic to Their Owners.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
There's an eye-catching headline for you. According to a report in The Scotsman , scientists in Edenburgh have found that cats can develop asthma as a reaction to dead human skin cells.

"In severe cases, sufferers have broken ribs or their lungs have collapsed because they were trying so hard to breathe. However, cat asthma seems to be less common - or less reported - than human asthma. "

"Asthmatic cats can be treated in a similar way as humans with steroid inhalers, although the cats are given the drugs using a face mask. "

David Thomson, take note!


terrye said...

Hey, anyone can be allergic to anything.

Poor cats can not tell you how they feel.

I had a cat who was allergic to fleas.

Not just the usual reaction but a sort of icky mange thing.

I am allergice to everything but cats. I am allergic to wool, but not cats.

I am even allergic to soap.

Just call me stinky.

David Thomson said...

This news is most distressing. I can only hope to hide it from our cats. They now barely allow me to reside within the house. This would be the last straw. I might be compelled to sleep in the backyard. We second-class human creatures already endure a cruel existence. Please don’t make it any worse.