What other lies have we been told?

Friday, October 14, 2005
David Frum has a good summary of the book that is reviving Pope Pius XII's reputation. We are now told that this once famous servant of the Nazis was actually a great defender of Jews and fierce enemy of the fascist evil.Pius Frum

At this season of soul-searching and atonement, it seems clear to me that Dalin has exposed a very great injustice - and that Pius XII deserves to be numbered prominently among those honored in the Yad Vashem memorial to the righteous gentiles who saved Jewish lives during the Nazi Holocaust.

But as we've been saying all week: Don't trust me. Read the evidence for yourself. As Michael Novak says on the book's dustjacket: "This is a stunning book. I wish I had known more of this material years ago."


Knucklehead said...


Here is another review of The Myth of Hitler's Pope and another.

I have not located any that seem to attempt to debunk Rabbi Dalin's book.

What other lies? Well, we're aware of those exposed by the Venona intercepts. Were they lies or merely mistaken defences of those who have since been proven to have behaved either as outright agents of the Soviet Union or merely "principled helpers"?

We've learned that many leftists lied about the nature of the Soviet Union and one was awarded a Pulitzer for his efforts.

We've learned that a reprehensible publicity seeking Senator was not the source of some vast witch hunt for commies but, rather, a small footnote in US history who was rather quickly and effectively countered.

We've learned that a presidential candidate either outright lied under oath to the US Congress or was, at best, was naively manipulated by liars.

We've learned about a lot of lies perpetrated by the modern left. The Myth of Hitler's Pope appears to possibly be another of many.

A related question is how long it will take before some of the many more lies which are as yet uncovered are finally run to ground. Lies about the mission of the UN and EU elites, some environmentalist movements, etc.

It sure would be useful if we had a journalistic tradition among the mavens of the MSM for investigation rather than one of "making the world a better place", wouldn't it?

truepeers said...

Knuck, thanks for the links, wherein readers will find:
Imagine if this book, in which a rabbi defends Pope Pius XII, became a national bestseller. The mainstream media, which has gone out of its way to showcase condemnations of this great pope while ignoring cogent and persuasive defenses, would be left gasping in shock, scarcely knowing how to react. What a glorious sight that would be. If you're like me, you're already out the door to buy a copy and help make it happen.

Which raises the question, how many more of their lies must be unveiled before the MSM truly are gasping in shock? I suppose if human-induced global warming is defrocked by another ice age... or maybe then it'll just be, "SEE! what we caused in reaction to our ignorance of what we were doing."

I'm reminded by your list, Knuck, that the state of being in which the left (and some conservatives) specialize, known most simply as resentment, is fundamentally delusional (which is also to say that it has its many elements of truth). Cutting to the chase, it may well be that it is because Judeo-Christian religion is our leading technology to date for controlling and transforming resentment that it must always be the target of the resentful who don't yet want to turn.

Knucklehead said...

Cutting to the chase, it may well be that it is because Judeo-Christian religion is our leading technology to date for controlling and transforming resentment that it must always be the target of the resentful who don't yet want to turn.

Cut to the chase indeed! I like that train of thought. As soon as I can distill it into something someone might believe I thought up for myself I'm gonna steal it! Thanks! (You wouldn't consider translating it to goombahnics, would you?)

truepeers said...

goombahnics? Knucklehead?

David Thomson said...

I’ve long been convinced that Pius XII was never the Fuehrer’s pope. This was an unjustified slander. However, the Catholic Church is greatly responsible for the Holocaust. It openly condemned Jews as Christ murderers and alien to European culture. This is especially true of the ultraconservative Jesuits. Many Catholics strongly believed that Jews deserved to be victimized. Treating Jews as second class citizens was condoned. Putting to death small children and women, though, was a step they were not willing to take. They perceived the Nazis as going way too far. All of a sudden, many Catholics like Pius XII felt compelled to save these same despised Jews.

Knucklehead said...


Notfuhnuttin, but if you doan know whah goombahnics is, juss fuggedahboudit, willya.

truepeers said...


yes, I agree that Christianity is structurally Judeophobic, in the sense that the fact that many Jews remain Jews, as the original monotheistic nation chooses to consider its theology superior and declines to follow Christ as God, constitutes a recurring scandal rooted in the origins of Christianity. But this is just to say that the essential test for the Christian is to transcend his base Judeophobia. And so it is a scandal in turn if Christians or Jews seek to obscure when someone has passed the test because the obscurers want to forget the test and its winners altogether by simply portraying Christianity as antisemitic.

truepeers said...

Ya callin me dum Sucklehead?