Indicting a Ham Sandwich?

Friday, October 28, 2005
It is often joked that a overly zealous prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. The New York Times is reporting that Scooter Libby is about to be indicted for making false statements during an investigation. Isn’t it illegal, first of all, for anyone to be leaking information in this matter? More importantly, if this report is indeed accurate---Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is almost certainly persecuting the innocent. Common sense dictates that Libby would never deliberately deceive investigators. He simply had no reason to do so. No crime was initially committed and therefore it would not behoove him to lie about anything. Nevertheless, no one possesses a perfect memory. We know, for instance, that police officers often get different versions of the same car accident from the interviewed witnesses. No, the odds are overwhelmingly high that Libby is in trouble merely for not having a memory as accurate as a tape recorder. This means that virtually none of us are safe if a prosecutor is intent in making our lives miserable. In a few hours, it may be Libby who is unjustly indicted. Tomorrow, it could be our turn.


RogerA said...

Since this report is from the NYT, and since Fitzgerald has run a really tight ship in term of leaks, I dont put a lot of stock in the NYT.

Should Libby be indicted I really would love to see the case go to trial and put all of those lying bastards on the stand under oath; Wilson, Plame, Miller, and the press. That would really be worth the price of admission.

David Thomson said...

I strongly suspect that most Americans are going to be appalled by these charges. A fair minded citizen can easily imagine themselves being a victim of such an obvious unjust prosecution. We can barely remember what we had for breakfast. Expecting Scooter Libby to remember every nit picky detail of the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame affair is absurd. Once again, I must remind everyone that Libby knew damn well that no law was initially broken. He had no reason to lie.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


I believe you are a fair-minded citizen.

I don't believe most Americans are fair-minded citizens. We have a history of witch-hunts in this country, ranging from genuine witches in New England to cococted implanted memories in preschoolers of non-existent sexual abuse in Florida and California. Most of the Democrats are in full witch-hunt mode. I passed another bumper sticker reading "Republicans for Voldemort" this morning.

Burn, burn!

terrye said...


I have never understood the need to demonize others and I don't think it is just Americans.

They call it witch hunt for a reason.

Or Jew hunt.... same difference.

Now we have Bushie hunt.

But I do think most Americans who bother paying attention are going to wonder about the fact that there are no charges on the original complaint.

In other words if not for the criminal investigation there would be no crime.

And this sounds like Libby trying to set the record straight without dragging his boss into the whole thing.

Kind of a letdown for the left I would think.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


It's a tremendous letdown for the left. Have no doubt about it. Just go to Technorati and do a blog search on "Libby". The mountain of vile they are spewing is frightful.

if not for the criminal investigation there would be no crime.

That sums up exactly what I've been thinking but unable to put into words! The whole thing seems utterly ridiculous to me now, a massive waste of taxpayer's money and the time of valuable officials. (Sorry Syl.)