Shifting Sands 4 - Good News From Maryland

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Maryland has an open Senate race coming up in '06. Michael Steele announced today that he would seek the Republican nomination. While Maryland is a strongly Democratic state, Steele has already won a statewide election to his current position of Lt. Governor. His probable opponent will be either Kweisi Mfume or Benjamin Cardin. Cardin has the probable edge and would be a tougher opponent.

I've been hoping that Steele would seek this seat. As this WaPo article indicates, Steele is a man with many talents and the ability to articulate a coherent vision. Given that Ken Mehlman is a Marylander with strong interest in this seat, it is very probable that Steele will not have any problems raising money.

It's no accident that Shumer's staff broke privacy laws in order to try and dig up dirt on him. Hopefully the staff members will be watching his election from nice comfortable cells.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

Aren't privacy laws only applicable when Republicans break them?