Sooo... how do you test dog food?

Friday, October 28, 2005

From MSNBC comes the item Anna Nicole Smith's dogs boycott Iams. Our, or at least my, favorite gold-digging bimbo and her three dogs, Marilyn, Sugar Pie and Puppy, are going to be featured in a PETA ad decrying conditions at the Iams lab.

PETA is demanding not just better conditions for the allegedly abused dogs, but ceasing using any dogs in Iams labs. This does beg the question -- how exactly do you test dog food without feeding it to dogs?

Perhaps Anna Nichole would volunteer to go on an all new Iams celebrity diet?

PETA on Iams
Iams response to PETA


terrye said...

I could make some crack about the the dogs and the skanky blonde, but the less said about Nicole the better.

jlbussey said...

Well, I don't have a dog, but I'll go buy some Iams dogfood on the strength of their recommendation. :)

Doug said...

If it was just in Washington State, they'd have to prove the dogs did not enjoy it.

Doug said...
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Rudolph A. Carrera said...

That was funny! Nice work.

Syl said...

Everyone thinks PETA is a joke. It's a bipartisan reaction.

They're kinda fun to have around and make fun of, but they do cause PR problems for companies.

I love animals and I do not reject the notion that we ourselves our mammals. But I have no compunction against eating meat. I don't like the idea of deer hunting but I know the herds have to be culled. I only object to incompetent hunters who cause pain and suffering in animals without a quick kill.

I know labs have to use animals for all kinds of testing. We are higher on the food chain so it is our right to use animals to benefit ourselves no matter how awful it can seem at times.

I do object to labs using former pets, however. Because that is a betrayal to an animal who has had a different type of relationship with a human.

I admire whatshername?s work on humane slaughterhouses. I do not object to the slaughter, I object to causing undue fear and pain.

Okay..obviously I've drawn my line. And I'm comfortable with it.

ambisinistral said...

Animal Rights activist's demands are so bizarre I sometimes wonder if it isn't some form of performance art I'm not getting.

However, they then do something to remind you they are serious in their beliefs. For example, earlier this year when the English animal rights group dug up the body of the grandmother of the owners of lab that used guinea pigs in experiments. They held the grandmother's body as ransom to force the lab to close (source).

Twisted priorities like that are so common with PETA types it is hard to see why any celebrity, ever a washed-up never-was like Anna Nicole, would even want to have their names associated with PETA in any way, shape, or form.

I guess, to paraphrase an old saying, ludicrous publicity is better than no publicity.

ambisinistral said...

Arghhh... switch my ever with my even in the second to last paragraph.

David Thomson said...

Hasn’t Anna Nicole Smith's fifteen minutes of fame ended? What has the canine community done to deserve her interest in its eating habits? Thank God that my family only “owns” cats.

Peter UK said...

Actually,there are people who test dog food,simply by eating it.After that they use the dogs.