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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Dr Sanity and Michael Barone have more to say about the "Plame name flame blame game."


terrye said...

The other day on another subject flenser and I were talking about the establishment.

Well, these people are the establishment. The establishment can also be found in the State Dept and the UN, anywhere where bureaucrats try to protect their turf and cover their asses.

It seems to be a given that back in the good ol days of the 90's the US and Saddam got along just fine, and then Bush came out of Texas and the darkness covered the land.

In truth I was hearing a lot more about Saddam and his illegal weapons back in the 90's than I was North Korea or Pakistan. I don't remember hearing about Dr. Kahn or Kaddafi either. And the Taliban and the pipeline were not even on the radar.

The CIA screwed up and now they are trying to hang the Bushies to cover their own trail.

I hope for all our sakes that they do not get away with it.

But it makes me feel better to know that people like Barone are noticing these things.

Rick Ballard said...

I'm puzzled as to what's next from the Demsm and Dummies United fever swamp after this one drops off the radar. I know this is supposed to tie into the DeLay indictment and the Frist blind trust dealings in some overarching theory of Republican malfeasance but the strategy is incoherent even by Kos/DNC standards.

chuck said...


It seems to me that DeLay and Frist have already dropped off the screens. Maybe I don't hang with the right people.

vnjagvet said...

Consider this:

1. Primary sources: "lawyers familiar with the investigation"

2. Lawyer leakers' credibility: Considered right up there with low end used car, timeshare and raw land salesmen and penny stock hucksters

3. Purveyors of the stories: Reporters from the Anti-Bush Wing (98%) of The New York Times, (95%) of NewsWeak, (90%) Time and (88%) of the Washington Post, and their related Blog supporters.

4. Lefty commenters on Blogs: Exaggerating even 1-3, above.

Waddaya Got? Horse****.

Syl said...

Well, you have to separate out the politics from what's real.

The problem is what's real is a secret. :(

I hope we get a clue as to what's going on.