Samuel Alito will have no trouble being confirmed

Monday, October 31, 2005
The confirmation battle over Samuel Alito is effectively over. This is my gut feeling. I cannot imagine any significant obstacles. The postmodernist liberals are upset---but the general public could care less. Alito seems to have the necessary credentials and does not come across as a crazed madman. That’s enough for the citizenry living in the hinterlands. The Harriet Miers fiasco exhausted those normally indifferent about politics. They don’t want to see any further yelling and screaming unless there’s a damn good reason. Do you have pictures of Alito mugging an old lady? If not, your complaints will go unheeded. Did you think that John Roberts had a relatively easy time? You haven’t seen anything yet. The process to confirm Judge Alito should put you to sleep.


vnjagvet said...

I agree with you, David. A mild mannered but brilliant conservative with trial experience is just what the doctor ordered.

I believe Democrats in the senate will make a lot of noise without effecting the outcome. This will be a show, but the result is confirmation and an interesting SCOTUS.

terrye said...

I don't know. We will have to wait and see but some folks are predicting a filibuster, and that in turn could lead to the nuclear option. Frist says he has the votes.

I think that one of the reasons Bush nominated Miers was to impress upon the Senate Republicans that if they are not willing to fight for a particular kind of nominee then they will have to support someone who will be perceived as more moderate.

The folks from NOW [and others like them] are already making his decision with regards to notification of husbands in certain abortion cases appear to be an attempt to humiliate women.

I do think that the treatment of Miers created a mindset in which there are no restraints and no sense of public decorum, if there ever was that is.

I hear that John Roberts CBS later apologized for referring to Alito as "sloppy seconds".

nice people.

Rick Ballard said...


"Wait and see" is the right answer. Graham and DeWine have agreed to break a filibuster but Dopey is quietly supportive but his wait and see comments indicate that he may want to try and play king maker again.

I think Alito will be confirmed but "no trouble" isn't how it will be described.

David Thomson said...

“The folks from NOW [and others like them] are already making his decision with regards to notification of husbands in certain abortion cases appear to be an attempt to humiliate women.”

Only the hard core postmodernist base gives a damn. I would bet that most American voters agree with Alito. NOW and its allies will rant and rave---and quickly bore everybody to death. Am I right? The polling date will be released in the very near future. We will know for sure by no later than this weekend.

Syl said...

As long as he doesn't legislate from the bench.

As I said, it's the conservatives turn.

vnjagvet said...

Again, keep your eye on the Senate and start counting votes. That is all that counts. Read some of the stuff from Princeton liberal classmates, etc. All very supportive like Roberts's classmates were.

This guy is not going to be coming across like a Bork. He is really smart, but real modest and unassuming in demeanor. Someone who cannot be effectively demonized.

Trying to make him a latterday George Wallace will not work.

Knucklehead said... is having a look at what appears to be a DNC generated hit piece against Alito. The claim seems to be that DNC (Howlin' Howie Dean) would probably like to disavow the document (or portions of it anyway) but there may be metadata evidence within what appears to be the original word doc that it was created by DNC employees.