Presumed Innocent?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
'I am the president of Iraq. I do not recognise this court'

My preference for this trial would have been one charge of murdering one baby in Halabja. A trial of a week with appeal directed to the equivalent of the Iraqi Supreme Court for expedited review with execution taking place within six weeks. Strict attention would be paid to process at every moment and all aspects of theater would be avoided on the part of the prosecution and tribunal.

Instead it appears that we may see a bit of a show trial featuring a laundry list. I believe this to be a mistake because Saddam is going to pull his theatrics until his strength gives out - or the judge's patience wears out. I haven't seen much in the way of extraordinarily stupid reporting to this point but it's only the first day.

How long will the trial last? How long until the appeal is denied? Will the execution(s) be public? How many innocents will the Baathist deadenders slaughter during the trial and appeal?

Let's hope for a rapid conclusion to this.


terrye said...


The only way to have avoided something like this would have been if Saddam had not left the spider hole breathing.

I don't think it will go on as long as Slobo's trial, but where do you begin and end with something like this?

In the end it is up to the Iraqis how they handle it.

They could just drop him off in the middle of Kurdish territory and tell him he is on his own.

Syl said...

As asked,and answered, on H&C tonite.

What do you consider a fair trial?

One where there's a chance the defendent will be declared innocent.

Answer is from Milosevich prosecutor. ICC standards.

I thought a fair trial was one in which the defendant's civil rights were protected and this protection has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

Though it seems this new standard has also been in effect in America for some time.

Syl said...

Well, that, and providing the most effective and best defense the law allows.

Eric Blair said...

I say let it go on. Let it drag in the photos of the gassed, the videos of torture, witnesses describing their experiences of the above, etc. Just let it all hang out.

Saddam and his minions are not going to get off, but a thorough recapping of their actions should be instructive for all.

flenser said...


There is a discussion in the NY Sun by
John Keegan of the problems involved in trying a head of state.