The Memoirs of Churchill's Bodyguard

Saturday, October 29, 2005
were found in the loft of a Somerset farmhouse and have been published. Walter Thompson guarded Churchill from 1921 to 1945. Go read the review, it is full of interesting little tidbits.


David Thomson said...

I also strongly recommend two movies, The Gathering Storm (Albert Finney) and
Gathering Storm (Richard Burton). Both deal with Winston Churchill’s book of the same name. They can be purchased used at for a few dollars.

terrye said...

That was interesting.

It is sad that Churchill wept at Yalta. I wonder what the outcome would have been if Truman had been the president Stalin negotiated with rather than Roosevelt?

And I am not so sure Bush would be that upset at finding Blair naked, but finding Cherry in the buff might be something else entirely.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

This passage reminds me of our own defeatist element. Churchill flew personally over to France to track down the French cabinet.

They tracked down Reynaud, the French prime minister, to a chateau near Tours. It was dangerous on the ground, too, for Reynaud's mistress, Madame Hélène de Portes, was furious at Churchill's desperate pleas for France to continue fighting. "She came out in a fury of hatred," Thompson recollected. "I caught her and silenced her hysterics. She had no gun, though we found a knife on her person..."

terrye said...

meaningless hot air:

A knife in the back, how French can you get?

Knucklehead said...


Thanks for pointing to this. It was a very interesting article.

The end, however, struck me as sad...

A modern bodyguard would not, as Thompson did, take the manager's advice to administer a "good kick to the posterior" of a room boy when he was late with the shaving water at a Cairo hotel. The modern public might not take to a cigar-smoking and champagne-quaffing politician with a penchant for marching round the great hall at Chequers in time to military music. Nor George Bush to finding Tony Blair in the buff at the White House.

How much have we lost in this crazy age when nothing is taboo and yet nothing is permitted. Where have all the eccentrics gone... long time passing... where has all the personality gone... long time ago.