AP Watch - 6/14

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
A new Flares feature for postings of egregious examples of AP's proclivity to integrate propaganda into their news pieces. Or is that integrate news into their propaganda pieces? Posts will be made daily and updated.

If you find an example, post it in comments and I'll put it in an update. All Flares contributors are invited to edit and/or update this post.

Welcome to visitors from American Thinker - today's AP Watch is here.

THIRD UPDATE: Truepeers finds another Sara El Deeb piece that spouts the Pali line concerning an incident arising from the Pali rocket attacks.

SECOND UPDATE: An AP "analysis" piece to warm John Kerry's heart. It's always 1971 for some people.

UPDATE: Knuck found this piece concerning $20 million in cash coming into Gaza from Egypt - in an "officials" suitcase. The provenance of the funds was apparently of little interest to the "reporter" Sarah El Deeb - definitely a name to watch for.

Here is a starter.

Notice how deep you have to go in the story to find the reason for the strike:
Rocket fire from Gaza rarely causes casualties, but it disrupts life in the southern Israeli towns where the projectiles fall. At midday Tuesday, the Israeli military said more than 100 rockets had been launched at Israel since Friday.
So take it easy on the Palis 'cause theyre bad shots?

Stephen-M notes in comments:
harsh Israeli artillery

homemade Palestinian rockets

I wonder if the Pali's knitted the rockets by candlelight?


Knucklehead said...

Thanks for the "starter" article. What a piece of work that is.

...The violence coincided with bloody infighting among Palestinian gunmen...

Picky about what violence they condemn, aren't they.

...the Islamic Jihad militant group vowed to avenge the death of its chief rocket launcher, Hamoud Wadiya...

That one might be my favorite snip. Chief rocket launcher! Or is it Chief Rocket Launcher?

...Palestinians angrily rejected the findings, saying militants were unlikely to plant bombs at a beach teeming with hundreds of people every weekend....

I guess they limit their planting of bombs to pizza parlors, night clubs, marketplaces, buses... but no beaches!

...In recent months, volleys of homemade Palestinian rockets at southern Israel have provoked harsh Israeli artillery and airstrikes...

Got it! A mere 7 paragraphs in we learn why the Israelis are shooting at these poor folks and killing their Chiefs and innocent militants.

David Thomson said...

“An Israeli airstrike on a top Palestinian rocket launcher and his accomplice also killed two children and six other civilians Tuesday...”

There is no attempt by the AP reporter to be cautious. It should have read:

An alleged Israeli airstrike on a top Palestinian rocket launcher and his accomplice also killed two children and six other civilians Tuesday...

Guilty until proven innocent. The AP usually takes it for granted that allegations of wrong doing by the United States and Israel are true.

truepeers said...

Please note what really happened. It's now pretty clear, i think, that Israel didn't kill the family.

Stephen_M said...

The disease is marrow-deep.

...In recent months, volleys of homemade Palestinian rockets at southern Israel have provoked harsh Israeli artillery and airstrikes…

harsh Israeli artillery

homemade Palestinian rockets

terrye said...

If after a 100 rockets they can't hit anyone maybe they need a new chief rocket launcher.

Knucklehead said...

In another AP article, Palestinian brings aid: $20M in luggage...

Some highlights:

Hours after angry civil servants stormed parliament, the Palestinian foreign minister came back Wednesday from a trip to Muslim nations carrying luggage stuffed with $20 million in cash for his money-starved government.

$20M in cash stuffed in luggage. From a trip to Muslim nations. Anyone wanna bet he was out visiting some old cronies who have been bilking off hundreds of millions in "foreign aid" over the years and telling them they'd have to cough up a tiny bit of it to save the cash cow? Nah.

{Hamas} which runs the Palestinian government and whose charter calls for Israel's destruction, has refused to cave in to calls by Western donor nations to renounce violence and recognize the Jewish state.

Refused to cave. How brave and steadfast.

The second attack on the parliament this week, along with the shooting death of a Hamas gunman in the Gaza Strip, cast doubt on renewed efforts by leaders of the rival Fatah and Hamas parties to halt infighting... Twenty-two people have been killed in factional fighting in recent weeks.

"Factional fighting". How 'bout "gang warfare"?

Last month, a Hamas official was caught smuggling $800,000 into Gaza. The money was seized but later transferred to the government.

But since Zahar is a VIP, there were no restrictions on his bringing in the cash, the security officials said. Zahar returned home and did not speak to reporters.

VIPs are free to come and go with suitcases full of cash? Whattacountry!

In the latest fighting on Wednesday, a Hamas gunman was killed in the southern Gaza Strip shortly after Hamas militants attacked the local commander of a Palestinian police force. The commander was shot in the legs.

After the Hamas militant was killed, the group attacked the commander's home and set it on fire. Hamas activists pulled the commander's family out of the building before it was torched.

Nice folks, ain't they.

Knucklehead said...


Good grab. Those Palis slingshot a few homemade muffins and cookies, hardly ever killing anyone, and the Israelis unleash harsh, children killing reprisals.

No mention of the Israeli children and families "rarely killed" by the "homemade rockets".

Rick Ballard said...


This is a separate incident - find the AP report on the Pali beach incident and I'll plug it in with a link to Melanie.

I think current articles are saying that it was an old Israeli mine.

Stephen_M said...


Wish I had LexisNexis to search "rarely killed" in AP articles about felons taken under arrest.

Knucklehead said...

An "old Israeli mine", heh. On this beach where hundreds of people hang out. Nobody ever stepped on it before.

Sorry, but I smell a Pali setup. It will not surprise me in the least if it turns out that whatever the explosive device was - old Israeli mine or garden variety splodeydope IED - it was deliberately planted and detonated by Palis to kill Palis.

truepeers said...

Rick, sorry for not paying attention. If you follow the "related stories" link from your wjla.com link, you will find several articles on the earlier incident. This is the first there, possibly the first AP report on the incident, filed by, you guessed it, Sarah El Deeb: The attack destroyed a tent and scattered body parts along the beach. A crowd flocked to the area, screaming and running around in confusion. One tearful man held the limp body of what appeared to be a girl or young woman.

Palestinian medical officials originally said nine people were killed but then lowered the toll to six. The confusion apparently stemmed from the extensive damage to the bodies.

Ground forces might have fired the shells, the military said, contradicting earlier reports that the artillery came from gunboats off the coast.
- which military? evident confusion; while the headline makes clear that it is the Palestinians who are claiming Israeli resonsibility, the writer of the article clearly assumes this was the case.

truepeers said...

I mean, she clearly assumes the Israelis were responsible for the deaths...

truepeers said...

Reading it again, I think it's likely that was not the first AP report on the incident, since all the media were laying the blame on Israeli gunboats in the initial stages of the story...

CF said...

From AT:
AP Watch feature begun

Our friend and contributor Rick Ballard at YARGB (“Yet Another Really Great Blog”) has begun an AP Watch feature there, documenting bias in the largest news agency ion the United States. The first post is here.

This is a much-needed service, and a strong niche for Rick and YARGB. We wish them well, and now know where to send instances that strike us. Congratulations to YARGB and Rick!

Clarice Feldman and Thomas Lifson 6 14 06"

CF said...

I emailed S & L, AJ Strata and Macsmind about this. I'll also email Rick Moran. I suggest the rest of you email other bloggers with whom you have a relationship and advise them of the project.

Rick Ballard said...

Thank you, Clarice.


The stories are definitely linked - I'll pop that link in above.