Lynch Mob

Sunday, June 04, 2006
That is what I see in the media. A veritable lynch mob after the blood of American Marines.

Austin Bay posts about the controversy surrounding the alleged war crimes committed by US Marines in Haditha, Iraq. He includes opinions of Dr. Demarche and Mark Sefranski which are I think right on.

It is interesting to me that the media has to tip toe around the religious affiliations of the young would be terrorists arrested in Canada, however they have no compunction at all in regards to trying and convicting these Marines before the facts are even known.


Skookumchuk said...

I don't know how much more of this can be withstood by the demographic group of Red Staters from which the Marines, the cops, the EMTs draw their personnel.

In some long-ago post, I remember Wretchard posing a rhetorical question that went sort of like this:

What if the ACLU office caught fire and the firemen refused to take the call?

terrye said...


The truth is most of the people I talk to here in rural Indiana are amazed more things like this have not happened and have no patience at all with the finger pointing weenies at the NYT and elswhere.

They are about to send a big eff you to these people I do believe. Most of these people will not lie down for another spit on the vet routine from a bunch of east coast assholes.

Fresh Air said...


Don't forget the West Coast assholes, either.

terrye said...

fresh air:

Yeah, them too.

Buddy Larsen said...

Terrye and FA: Like any natural critter, no nation can long endure with two GI-tract terminii. One or the other has to be a Big Mouth.

Skookumchuk said...


When I'm on disasters, three guesses as to where the workers and volunteers tend to come from.

In my experience, they come from the South, the Midwest, and the Rockies. It is the same as the military demographic. Let's just say that LA and New York are under-represented.

terrye said...


It is that whole thing of doing and talking. These folks do, the folks at the NYT run their mouths.

vnjagvet said...

I like Terrye's attitude.

The UCMJ is uniquely devised to take care of stuff like this . One thing that can derail the UCMJ in appellate practice is the specter of "command influence".

All of this MSM attention, and the invevitable Congressional investigation, daily questions to the Chairman of the JCS, Commandant of the MC, Sec Def, Sec Navy and even the President, can induce slip ups which will be exploited by experienced defense counsel to the advantage of potentially guilty defendants.

IOW, coverage like will appear in this weeks Newsweek and Time, and what has appeared in the NY Times and WAPO may assure that any alleged perpetrators who might be convicted may be successful in having those convictions set aside.

Pretty perverse, isn't it?

Buddy Larsen said...

vnjagvet, you're right about Time and NewsWeek--both covers, cover stories.

terrye said...

You would think they would think about that. Even I have heard of command influence.