Sunday, June 04, 2006
Glen Reynolds provided a link to an excellent Fisking by Don Surber of the NYT's pathetic editorial on Haditha. (In order to fully appreciate the editorial you must picture Keller and Junior huddled together under pictures of Kerry lying to the Fulbright committee as they strive to revive the corpse of the VVAW.)

That's not the serendipitous occurrence. Immediately below Surber's piece on the Time's excrescence is a piece dissecting Robert Reich's grasp of relatively simple math in his assertions concerning death taxes. That was not serendipitous either but as I had been pondering the rot at our most prestigious institutions of higher education earlier this morning, Surber's link to a blog written by Harvard economics professor Greg Mankiw was definitely a welcome chance encounter. To find that Mankiw is teaching economics at the entry level from a dynamic scoring (as opposed to static scoring) perspective was refreshing.

A Harvard professor teaching students why Reich and DeLong deserve to be examined with rigor (and ridicule) is a very good sign.


terrye said...


I don't always listen to Glenn, but this time I did. I sent a link to Surber's post and a little kiss my butt note to the NYT editorial staff.

What happens if the reports coming out do not meet their expectations?

Rick Ballard said...

Then the NYT will proclaim a coverup - hell, they've already started in the editorial. They really would like to dig Fulbright up, prop him in a chair in a Senate committee (Levin called for hearings this morning on TV) and have J F'ng Kerry reprise his moment of glory.

Truth will play no part in the MSM coverage of this but the blowback on talk radio and in the blogs is going to be hellacious.

This is close to a perfect moment for indictments on the NSA articles to come down. You can almost see the whites of their eyes if you shade off the glare from the yellow streaks down their backs.

I don't listen to Rush much but I think I'll tune in tomorrow.

Buddy Larsen said...

I listen to Reich several times weekly; he's a regular on Larry Kudlow's great CNBC show. he does a "point/counterpoint" segment vs Steve Moore of WSJ. Reich is a nice guy, engaging and temperate, but his politics come WAY before his economics.

Either that, or he's got some sort of reverse-savant thing going, wrt hot-buttons in the political/economy debate.

David Thomson said...

I was glad to learn about Greg Mankiw’s blog. He may be one of the few Harvard University professors worthy of respect. Thanks.