Toronto Terrorist Cell Arrested

Saturday, June 03, 2006
Here are some links to news reports:
Canadian Press
Pajamas Media
Stephen Harper's statement
Background story on Canada's home-grown terrorists
Pastorius speculates that a co-ordinated attack in several western countries may have been planned.


Skookumchuk said...

Now then, less PC and more guys like these please, thank you. :-)

Rick Ballard said...


This guy is still around. He seems like he'd be handy for a "changing minds, one person at a time" sort of program for Canadian muslims unhappy with being there.

After reading the comments at Pastorius, I'll be happy when the 8th is past.

truepeers said...

Well Skook, I've just been watching the tv news, and the hand of "sensitivity training" remains in full effect - no sign of outrage from the Toronto journalists that they could have been dead next week. (In contrast, I am working on an in-depth examination and exposure of Canada's hate speech law.)

The apparent leader of this cell was a radical preacher in a Mississauga mosque. The CBC just had on the head of the Muslim Canadian Congress - which is an organization of educated leftists who believe in things like gay marriage and saying that anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim, whatever they may believe or not believe about Islam - and that, as far as I can tell, has no significant support among ordinary Muslims and mosques (but such an organization exists for the media, as a nice Muslim face) - and he went on about how most of the people in the Mississauga mosque were antagonistic to this radical preacher. So what was the preacher doing there?

Yes, we must remember that most Canadians Muslims are as shocked as I am today, and would never consider terrorist violence. But why is it that every Muslim community in the world is capable of producing terrorists? What is it about the religion - in most general terms, taking into account its entire scriptures and social "ecology" - that leads to this? This is the question our liberal media remain a long way from tackling, seeking scapegoats elsewhere. Perhaps we are a very small step closer today. See, for example, my recent post at Covenant Zone.

Skookumchuk said...


And the media treatment of the returning Canadian snipers has been a disgrace.

Buddy Larsen said...

Can you really really blame the terrorists?

Rick Ballard said...

Are you talking about al-Queada or Code Pink?

I'm waiting to hear that electronic surveillance played a role in the disruption of the plan. It will probably come in the form of some lefty Canadian journo bitching about the cell being broken up by interference from Ugly Americans sureptitiously listening to Canadian conversations.

Could Harper's election have been as providential for the Canadians as Bush's election was for the US?

truepeers said...

Rick, apparently internet surveillance was key to identifying this cell. Harper is not going to fool himself about the nature of the threat, and I think this will help him win more votes in Ontario in future.

Buddy Larsen said...

Read this for a nice sardonic chuckle.

Rick Ballard said...

Seixon is doing a very nice job on several things. Allah has an interesting update as well.

Barry Dauphin said...

It's nice to see Allah back in the saddle. He added this bit: The Times notes that there’s no evidence to think the suspects were looking southward, but it does say that American counterterrorism officials have had “extensive contact” with their Canadian counterparts over the last several days.

It's interesting to note, as I listened to a musician this evening go on about how the US is hated by our allies, etc. Some of our neighbors to the North might gorge themselves on moral indignation, but they still want to talk to the FBI. Well at least they are not suicidal yet.

These terrorists were homegrown. Maybe they got mad waiting in line for healthcare :>)

Syl said...

I read an entire comments section on this at the lefty last night.

(Link was from Pajamas I think).

I don't know why I did, but I'm still fascinated by how their minds work. Political Correctness and multi-culti is going to kill those people.

The usual crap. These people are innocent, Harper is doing it to get support and to take away our civil liberties. Anyone who thinks muslims might be terrorists is racist. It's because of Iraq. It's because of Afghanistan. Always America's fault.

As I said, the usual. I really think some of these people are frightened and refuse to face it because facing it means one has to consider fighting back and that would destroy their worldview.

I swear the nineties, with the end of history and peace in our time, did more damage to the West than all our wars through history. It made us almost incapable of fighting back.

Reminds me of short story (SF) I read decades ago. Man traveling alone on a strange planet--headed towards his base. He had started out later than expected. All the usual fears and strange sounds as if someone was following him.

Then he found the road and was close. He was safe now.

Turned the bend and--construction--detour time, he was doomed.

The nineties were our 'we are safe now'. 9/11 was the construction that barred our way home.