My Lai Redux - AP First Past the Post

Saturday, June 03, 2006
AP takes first in the propaganda sweepstakes that will be running over the next few months. Read the story carefully and try and discern any "facts" concerning Haditha. I won't be commenting much on Haditha until the Army's report is issued because I have a very deep and sincere mistrust of anything that John Murtha says and an even deeper mistrust of anything that the presse ancien prints.

If any crime is determined to have been committed I have every confidence that the JAG will enforce the UCMJ appropriately and completely. I also have every confidence that the Democrat Party organs will lie through their teeth in an effort to besmirch American armed forces.

I would also note that we can anticipate close cooperation between the anti-American media and their allies, al-Queada and the Sunni insurgents. The cooperation will extend to the misrepresentation of incidents such as that at Ishaqi and confusion regarding mistranslation of Iraqi leader's remarks. I'll be watching Iraq the Model for accurate translation and explanation (scroll down for an example).

Sedition isn't fun and games - and it's not going to have a positive political payoff either. Murtha and his ilk are overreaching and there is a price that will be paid at the polls for their despicable behavior.

UPDATE: The secondrate (both intellectually and as a business man) Arthur Sulzberger Jr. delivered a commencement address that is worth reading in order to plumb the shallowness of an individual bred and born to privilege but raised with the same lack of moral compass evidence by his "hero" John Kerry. The pride taken by Sulzberger in the deaths caused by the Democrat Party's withdrawal of support for the South Vietnamese is probably somewhat less than that taken by his Communist teachers and professors in having successfully turned another 'person of influence' - although, it must be said that Junior did not fall far from the tree.

Sulzberger and Kerry are emblematic of rot, neither has a single accomplishment in their entire lives to which either could point and say "I helped build that". They are, as is the political philosophy they espouse, in the business of destruction. They were willing to denigrate the service of brave servicemen in order to achieve Communist aims concerning Vietnam and they are will to do the same to our servicemen in Iraq in order to advance their surrogate party's interests today.

We (and the Iraqis) are fortunate to live at a time when it is possible to rebut enemy propaganda with facts presented in a manner which approximates reality while Sulzberger and Kerry will spend the rest of their days as living proof of the veracity of Proverbs 26:11

As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly.

It will be an honest epitaph for both of them.


Fresh Air said...

Well, we may have yet another case of unintended consequences unfolding. The press and the disgraceful anti-military Democrats may produce a hearty case of blowback.

The more I hear things like "Abu Ghraib times 1000," the more I think it will be more along the lines of Abu Ghraib times .7.

Yes, the alleged crimes were obviously far worse. But the reason Abu Ghraib was given 42 front-page stories in the Slimes was because it was a presidential election year, in which every bad event at every level of government somehow redounded to the President Bush. Abu Ghraib only got legs because of the drip, drip, drip of the photos, salacious stories, and the frisson of a cover-up (that didn't happen).

Unless the alleged massacre can be tied to Rumsfeld, this flawed framing by the Mediacrats will not carry the same weight and hence, will make the story far less interesting to the likes of the Slimes, which was never really interested in the poor Iraqi prisoners anyway.

Therefore, I will make a prediction: This story will pass like a bad tooth, but will not, ultimately and perhaps paradoxically, carry the same weight as the hijinks at Abu Ghraib. That won't stop any of the usual suspects for trying to extract their 16 pounds of flesh anyway.

Buddy Larsen said...

I have the same feeling. I don't know why I have that feeling, but I do. This is the bridge too far, and the MSM is going to fall flat trying to gin up a firestorm. Hunch.

Skookumchuk said...

I would also note that we can anticipate close cooperation between the anti-American media and their allies, al-Queada and the Sunni insurgents.

We shall see if the MSM whips up the Islamic world sufficiently to cause a repetition of the cartoon riots, or worse.

Fresh Air said...


Yeah, that's about right, given that the formula for the amount of outrage is the time since the event occurred squared.

CF said...

Rick, I do so hope you are right..

terrye said...

Big Lizards made the same kind of remarks concerning the press reports.

I have also heard the Defense wants the drone footage because they say it will exonerate the Marines.

I do not know if that is true or not, but it does lead me to wonder just how much of a certainty it is that the Marines are guilty as the media has charged.

I also heard that the US pays condolence money to people who have lost either relatives or property as a result of American action. That might explain the fact that video cameras always seem present at these things. It also gives motive along with the obvious motive of wanting to make trouble. After all it should not be forgotten that this incident was sparked by a IED on that street in that neighborhood which blew up with the intent and purpose of killing those Marines.

I do not know what the reaction will be. I thought also about the cartoon riots, but Abu Ghraib did not create the kind of furor that pics of Mohammad did. I wonder however, if they are due for another riot.

I don't think that he Aemrican people are prepared to go after American service men they way they did in Viet Nam. I just do not get that feeling.

The truth is a lot of Americans believe the troops have shown a lot of restraint considering the sheer insanity of the enemy and the incompetence and dysfunction of mid east society.

But you know, by getting out there in front of the news cycle and trying to take advantage of this for political gain people run a big risk. If more of our soldiers are killed because of this, there will be people wishing Murtha had kept his big mouth shut. There is more at stake here than his showing his ass on C-span.

JB said...

Breaking news:*

Murtha better prepare fire-retardant attire.

JB said...


Click here

Skookumchuk said...


I thought also about the cartoon riots, but Abu Ghraib did not create the kind of furor that pics of Mohammad did.

And that is also true. So instead of riots we might see coordinated IEDs or other attacks in "retaliation".

One great operational advantage possessed by the Jihadis has been that you can plan an operation for three years, pull it off, then claim you did it only in response to whatever the Western media is most outraged by at the moment the thing goes off. This martyrdom operation was in response to the criminal Zionist events in ___ .

People are becoming wiser about this stuff, though.

CF said...

I do think the public finally caught on to the fact that Abu Ghraib was much overdone by the press, and has grown increasingly sceptical of its war reports and hyping of the enemies' propaganda. After 100 US attacks were claimed to be on innocent wedding parties, the absurdity of many of the claims was patent.

Skookumchuk said...

I know that Michelle Malkin isn't very popular among some of us (including yours truly some of the time), but she does bring to our attention a typical piece here.

It is really something to see how quickly this sort of thing gets found out now.

Think of all the faked or miscaptioned photos and phony interviews that must have been done for decades and decades before we had the tools to call them on it. Astounding.

Buddy Larsen said...

It really is astounding. It's as if, until very recently, we the people have been zoo specimens, and the zookeepers have been the news-industry people. JFK is famously quoted as saying "perception is reality" but reading WWII history, the game was well afoot before Kennedy. What changed around about the mid-60s is the "other side" being around to call the distortions.

Buddy Larsen said...

Heck, thinking about Hearst and "yellow journalism", and about Lincoln's press problems, I guess it goes back to the beginning of the news biz.

CF said...

A fool repeats his folly is right. BBC/ABC are quoting Jimmy the Putz Carter saying it is wrong of us to set any preconditions for talks with Iran. Always wrong and always blinded to his own shortcomings--including, of course, hie utter idiocy about foreign affairs.

Pinch and Kerry are masters of destruction because they are both empty suited narcissists who bitterly envy anyone who actually accomplishes something .

Rick Ballard said...


In written form it goes back to the first historian "and thus it was..." - that's why control of the first draft is so important. I hope that Soviet history books of circa 1987 are being kept intact somewhere. In another hundred years a study of them may provide an answer as to why the Russians selected demographic suicide even after the fall. The power of ideas.


If you can't drive a nail then the only use for a hammer is to knock things apart. If either of those clowns were asked to build a doghouse, the first thing they would do is start searching for an architect with correct political views to design a canine living space according to socially conscious values.

Buddy Larsen said...

That commencement speech is certainly worthy of the vomit reference. There's really no place to start criticizing it. it's just so gawdawfully perverse there's little to do but blow beets. but firstly, who in the world has ever been "supposed to have" inherited utopia? And who is this news paperman to claim the power to be at fault for Utopia's failure?

As far as Kerry, possibly his greatest damage to this nation may, in the long march of history, prove to be that his political career demonstrates to hard-eyed, intelligent enemies that the American system is unable to prevent a clear subversive, an open traitor to the national interest only short decades ago, from rising--thru exploitation of the open nature of the American character itself--to very near the national leadership.

In your heart you know, both these specimens give great hope to the evil-doers of the world.

terrye said...


Michelle is not one of my favorite people, but she is good at some things.